Last First Kiss

Amy is your average 19 year old girl. Harry Styles is her favourite member of One Direction. When Amy and her best friend Vanessa win a chance to meet the boys, they go crazy. Harry finds himself falling head over heels for Amy.


6. Getting Home.

 Harry's P.O.V

"Mum!" I yell, hugging her. "And the one and only. Gemma!" I laugh, hugging Gemma. "So," my mom says, "Who's this beautiful young lady?" I smile at Amy, "This is Amy. And the mother of my baby." Gemma'ds mouth drops, "Harry's pregnant." Amy laughs, "You could say that." "Harry. How long have you known this girl? And do you really love each other? Another question, are you ready for this baby?" I nod, "Three months, yes and yes." Gemma takes Amy to her room, she can tell my mom and I are going to get a little aggitated. "Harry Edward Stlyes. How long has she been pregnant?" She demands. "A month. Mum its no big deal." I reply. She slowly sits down, "How could you wait a month. To tell your own mother." I sigh, "Mum. I didn't realize you would take it so seriously." "You could of called me!" Mum yells. I pivit on my heel, I stomp out of the house, slaming the door behind me. I walk to the Holmes Chaple football -soccer- field. I sit down, placing my head in my hands. 

Amy's P.O.V

I hear the door slam. I run down stairs, to see Anne sitting in a heap, crying.I point to the door, Gemma nods, "Football feild." I run out the door. When I reach the feil, I see Harry sitting on the swings, with his head in his hands. I walk over to him, placing my hand on his back. "Amy?" Harry says, his eyes red and puffy from crying. He pats his lap. I sit down. "Harry. You should have told her." Harry nods, "I know. I've been stupid. Not because I didn't tell her, because I walked out on her when she needed me the most." Gemma comes running down, "HARREH! Mum said she's so sorry for getting mad at. And she wants you to go home." "I'll be there in ten." He replies. I kiss him, "You're such a big softie." Harry tries to glare at me without laughing. But he fails. 


When we get back, Harry walks to his mum. He places his hand on top of hers, "I'm so sorry for leaving when you needed me the most. It's just, I got a little upset, because you were upset. I kind of just lost it." She nods, "I understand. You just needed some time to talk, and Amy is the perfect person to help you. You two are surely meant for each other. I love you Harry." I smile, as Harry walks over to me. He pulls me into a tight hug. I giggle, "Told you. You're a big softie." This time he smiles, "I know. I've always been nice to woman I love." "Liar!" Gemma screams, "You were never nice to me!" I laugh. My life has changed so much, ever since I met... Amy.

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