Last First Kiss

Amy is your average 19 year old girl. Harry Styles is her favourite member of One Direction. When Amy and her best friend Vanessa win a chance to meet the boys, they go crazy. Harry finds himself falling head over heels for Amy.


1. Winning

     Amys P.O.V

   "And the two girls that get to meet the boys are. Amy Lin and Vanessa Hew! Meet the boys at the Laural Memorial Center tommorow afternoon!" The radio anouncer calls our names. We are going absolutly crazy. You would be able to here our screams half way arond the world. "We! Are! Metting! One! Direction!" Vanessa screams. "And," I continue, "we get to spend the rest of the tour with them!" We start driving to our little apartment. 

*home* Still Amy's P.O.V

I start packing. Make up, clothes, so on, so forth. "I'm done. How are you doing Nessa?" I ask, walking over to her bed. "Not too great." She laughs. I help her. "Jeez. Amy what are you packing for me?" Vanessa asks. I reply, "Stuff so you can impress Liam. Duh!" She smiles. "Nessa. I'm totally pooped." "Uhg. Tell me about it." We fall on our beds. I fall asleep. Dreams keep popping into my had. All of them are about Harry.

*Dream* Harry is holding my hand. We are under a big oak tree. Our lips press together then- beep beep beep! *End of dream* 

"Amy get up!" We have to get ready to go. Right now my tummy is back fipping. 

We are all ready and walking out the door. We get in my little car and drive to the Momorial Center. "I'm so nervous." Vanessa whispers."Me too." I reply. We step into the room. "Here goes nothing." I mumble.

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