The One that got Away<3

My movella is going to be about a girl named Kelsi who has a sister named Violet who loves one direction but Kelsi doesnt really care for them and thinks they are all just stuck up in their own ways. Violet trys to convince Kelsi how amazing One Direction is but she just wont have it.....

Read my movella to find out what happens.


8. chapter 8

                                                Violet's P.O.V

         On the way home i told mom all about the concert and how greatful i was that I got to go. She didn't look very happy. I askeed her if anything was wrong, she said no. I found that hard to believe. When we got home it was around ten and my mom said I had to go straight to bed because it was a school night.. What about Kelsi/ I complained. Mom gave me the (if you don'd go to bed I will ground you) look. I went to bed. I dreamt about meeting One Direction in person and how amazayn it would be.

                                                          Kelsi's P.O.V

       Ummm..... omg im so sorry it was my fault, I said to One Direction. Harry chuckled and said it was okay. He reached into a wallet and pulled out five hundren dollars and extended his arm asking if that was enough. I pushed the money back towards him and said he did't have to do that. Harry laughed again and said it was his fault and that he insisted that I take it. I told him no again and that it really was ok. How can you say no to this face? ( harry did the look of charm that supposedly all the girls swooned over) I didn't buy it. I said that im not going to fall for "the" look." Harry and the guys's jaws dropped and they all gasped. Niall asked if I was a fan. I told them not really. Then why are you at our concert, asked zayn? Because my sister is a huge fan and I had to chaperone, I firmly said back. The guys all looked at each other and laughed. Ya sure, said louis while almost falling over laughing so hard. No really?! I said back and put out my pouty lip. The guys all looked at each other nodded and then ran towards me and all hugged me at once. My face was smushed agains Zayn's cheast. I was kinda short for my age. After they stopped hugging me Liam asked if I wanted to go to nandos with them. I said that I couldn't. The boys asked why. I told them that my sister would freak and my mom probally wouldn't allow it. Niall said that I could bring my sister with and they would get their security to tell mom how safe I would be with them. And that is exactly what they did. We drove to my house in a limo. My mom walked outside and asked what all of this was about. I had they boys security guard talk to mom about it while I went to wake up my  sister. Louis said that all of One Direction should stand around her bad and then start signing one thing really loud so she wakes up. I laughed and said ok. As soon as the boys started to sign she woke up and fangirled even louder than all of them signing togeher. The guys laughed and told her the plan. After that she was speechless and looked at me with her mouth wide open. I nodded as if to say yes, it is really happening.




              Authors note-  I dyed my hair from blonde to brown today. yay! anyway how do you guys like the book so far?

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