The One that got Away<3

My movella is going to be about a girl named Kelsi who has a sister named Violet who loves one direction but Kelsi doesnt really care for them and thinks they are all just stuck up in their own ways. Violet trys to convince Kelsi how amazing One Direction is but she just wont have it.....

Read my movella to find out what happens.


5. chapter 5

                                                                                    Kelsi's P.O.V

        I am so happy that mom is going to the concert with Violet I mean to be honest i dont think I would be able to seriously stand there for like 2 hours and listen to a stupid band I didn't even like. I heard my mom yell for me and Violet to come into the living room Marci was already gone. Her dad came and picked her up about a few minutes ago. Mom said she had some bad news. I could see Violet start to tremble. She asked if it was about the concert. Mom said yes. Violet broke down and cried. My mom told her to calm down and stand up. Violet's mascara was drooping down her red flushed face. My mom told her that she was still going to the concert, Violet looked up in relief and let out a big sigh. Mom said the bad news was that she couldn't go because she had an important meeting that couldn't be canceled. Violet started to sob once again. My mother told that I would have t take her. I jumped up and said WHAT?!?! Violet did the same. We both knew that this was a terrible thing. First Violet looked mad and then turned sad but after all her emotions settled she said she wouldn't let me ruin the so called best night she was ever going to have. I was mad but it didn't matter because I wasn't going to even watch the show I would wait around untill it is over.


                                                                               Violet's P.O.V

           I can't believe it I just absolutley can not believe my older dorky sister has to come with me to the concert I have been waiting for, for a long time. Doesn't matter I wasn't about to let her ruin my night. I called Kelsi into my room. She came in and sternly asked "what do you  want." I told her that if she was coming with me then she would need to at least LOOK decent. I told her that she should go shopping for somthing to wear to the concert. She looked at me funny as if to say you're kidding right? She walked out and I just prayed she would take my advice and wear somthing nice. That reminded me that I still had to get somthing to wear I mean the concert is tomarrow! How could i forget. I grabbed my coat and asked my mom to drive me to Macy's because well Deb isn't really the type of store i want to go to now. My mom took me to Macy's and I told her to wait in the cra. She handed me her credit card and said I could only spend 60 dollatrs. I said thank you and ran into the store. I thought 60 dollars was a good amount to spend. I walked into MAcy's wich smelt of lilac and honey. That is one of the easons i love Macy's. The smell<3 I went to the teen section and couldn't really find much. I was about to walk out empty handed when I saw the cutest sweatshirt that said I LOVE ONE DIRECTION in black. On the back it  said I LOVE BRITISH BOYS. I thought it was cute so I picked it up to look at the price tag. oh my gosh!! IT WAS 40 DOLLARS.That meant i could only spen 20 on jeans or shorts. I decided I would have to try to do with the 20 dollars i had. I found a cute pair of shorts with the loose thread at the bottom. I really liked it and was afraid to see how much it was. WOW! It was only 12 dollars. I picked it up and happily strolled to the check out line. The checkout lady was super perky. I like perky people they just make everything feel so happy. I walked out of the store with my hoodie ans shorts. I went up to the car to see my mom sleeping. I giggled and knocked on the window. She woke up and unlocked thre car doors. I told her about the clothes and how I lovedc them so much. We got back home and my sister was still laying in bed. I can''t believe she didn't get anything prepared for the concert or oick out clothes. I didn't really cared what she looked like anymore as long as I was going to the concert I was happy.

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