The One that got Away<3

My movella is going to be about a girl named Kelsi who has a sister named Violet who loves one direction but Kelsi doesnt really care for them and thinks they are all just stuck up in their own ways. Violet trys to convince Kelsi how amazing One Direction is but she just wont have it.....

Read my movella to find out what happens.


3. chapter 3

                                                                             Marci's P.O.V

               When I was in elementry school me and Lauren were friends and even though Lauren is Kelsi's friend now we still talk every now and then. Kelsi thinks we shouldn't be friends because i am older than her but i dont think age matters.Kelsi just needs to calm down sometimes and take a chill pill. I mean she is so intense about this whole One Direction thing and how her sister likes the snotty five as she calls them. It's not that Kelsi is a bad person gosh no I love her to death and could never part with her. I just sometimes wish she would seriously just be mellow. Thats all I ask for from her.


                                                                          Violet's P.O.V

           After me and Marci ordered our pile of 1D posters we went outside to build a snowman. Ever since I can remember i have been living in the same house. We own not rent and it is very lovley and in mint condition but it woulden't be without the help of our maid Rosalita we call her Rosie. She is a very fit healthy woman around her twentys. We have had Rosie since I was just a kid. Anyway back to the snowman. Marci and i started to roll the snoman a head andbody. About half way through Marci picked up the snowman's head and threw it at me.UMPH! I fell head over teakettle. Marci fell over as well but not for the same reason she was laughing so hard she fell right over and landed on her butt. I got up and the snowman's head was in peices i started to cry. Marci came over and said its ok and that we could make a new one. She told me to turn around and look at her I did but I threw a big Snowball right at her face and yelled I FOOLED YOU HAHA! Marci looked at me with big puppy dog eyes I hated it when she did this it made me feel like I just shot bambi. She wasn't faking it and I could tell. She told me that she was really hurt and I was a fool to believe her. I came closer to look at her eye and see if there really was any damage. But I could tell she was gonna throw a BIG snowball right at me so I played along untill i saw the snowball behind her back raise up I quickly stepped aside and the snowball hit a fresh layer of snow... POOF! I laughed as I saw her face when she missed I told her I saw it coming. She laughed along with me. Rosie called us inside the house and there was some cocoa just the way I like it hot but not mouth burning. We sat there and drank our warm bevrages and talked about how much fun we had. I always loved it when Marci came over.....




Authers note


        Well i think that was a very interesting chapter. Comment what you guys think.

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