The One that got Away<3

My movella is going to be about a girl named Kelsi who has a sister named Violet who loves one direction but Kelsi doesnt really care for them and thinks they are all just stuck up in their own ways. Violet trys to convince Kelsi how amazing One Direction is but she just wont have it.....

Read my movella to find out what happens.


2. chapter 2

This chapter is going to be longer.... thanks for reading guys.





                                                        Violet's P.O.V

                   OMG OMG OMG I got One Direction tickets for my birthday! I am just filled with joy right now, I said excitedly to my best friend Marcie. And even better is that I got three tickets! Me and Marcie fangirled for quiet some time! Marcie is also a big Directioner.After screaming like a bunch of umm well i dont really know but you get my point Marcie asked who the third ticket is going to. We both knew it had to be one of our parents sice we both were not old enough to go by ourselves we were only  12. So we talked about it and decided it would be my mom. So we ran out of my bedroom through the hallway and into the kitchen which smelt of spaghetti so I could tell that my mom was making her famous spaghetti. I told her that we picked her to come with us and she agreed and said that it was okay and she could clear her schedual. Marcie and I went back into our room and ordered more One Direction posters online. We are not obsessed we like to call it in love<3

                                                              Kelsi's P.O.V

              I could her my sister and her annoying friend screaming like a bunch of idiots. I could tell she was screaming about One Direction. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of apple cranberry juice (my favorite) and also to see what we were having for lunch. I saw my mom in her black, old and used t-shirt that she always wears when she cooks and she was also wearing some denim shorts. I opened the fridge to get some juice when i saw some half cooked spaghetti fly across the room and land on the floor. My mom said  I startled her and not to do it again. I tryied to hold in my laughter when i looked over at the floor and saw meatball (our pitbull) eating the spaghettiu off the floor. My mom and i burst out laughing when meatball got some spaghetti on his nose. After we almost died laughing so hard mom told me about the concert and asked if it was okay that I didnt go she laughed a little bit because she knew it as an obvious no. Me and my mom are like sisters we tell each other everything and like the same things. Some people call us freaky close. we agree.
















































































































































































































































































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