The One that got Away<3

My movella is going to be about a girl named Kelsi who has a sister named Violet who loves one direction but Kelsi doesnt really care for them and thinks they are all just stuck up in their own ways. Violet trys to convince Kelsi how amazing One Direction is but she just wont have it.....

Read my movella to find out what happens.


1. chapter 1

                                                                        Kelsi"s P.O.V

           " UGH why does Violet insist One direction is so perfect i mean really they are just a group of snotty rich kids!" Kelsi rambled on to her friend Lauren. "well they arent that bad" , said Lauren. Why does lauren think she knows every thing about One Direction i thought she was my friend, I thought to myself. And anyway One Direction isnt really what they call amazayn.




                *well thats all i got for now my readers.* Any thought on whos P.O.V  ishould do next?

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