That one night :)

Macy and Ami her to best friends went out they meant these 2 boys named Niall horan & Louis tomlinson. Macy falls for Niall and Ami falls for Louis. Niall and Louis end up taking them. 'Home'. What will happen? Will they fall in love? Find out by reading! :)


2. Getting ready

A/N: I accidently publishe md chapter 1 when I wasent done so just ignore that please I'm so it's still kinda chapter 1.

We made are way to the bathroom. Ami and I fixed are hair here's what it looks like: (not sure if link will work :/) (1st one is Macy's hair 5th one is Ami's hair)
We changed into are outfits here's another link of what are outfits where like:'s outfit) (Ami's out fit)
After we where done getting ready we bothed looked at eachother. We both looked really good! We got into my red mustang with sliver rims. Leather seats. I loved my car I've had it for about 3 years I got it when I was 15 years old. Since my 16th birthday was coming up my Daddy bought it for me.
"How are we gonna get in?" I asked.
"Duh! Fake ID's" Anmi said.
"I d-don't k-know" I said.
"C'mon chicken" ami said as she started making chicken sounds.
"Alright...." I said
Ami said she would drive. We pulled out of the driveway or was about 7:45, The song 'a thousand miles' came on. We begin to sing along like we always did!
"Makn' my way down town face is past-if time could pass me by"
"Shit" I said I dropped my lip gloss. I picked it
We where almost there intell we got pulled over by the police.
"Ma'm, you where speeding" the police officer said.
"I'm sorry I didn't see, the sign Asshole!" Ami said.
"Mam don't sass me back"
Ami started Benning flirty wich always got her out of stuff. About 2 minutes later she did her Job, ahh, how I love classic Ami!
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