That one night :)

Macy and Ami her to best friends went out they meant these 2 boys named Niall horan & Louis tomlinson. Macy falls for Niall and Ami falls for Louis. Niall and Louis end up taking them. 'Home'. What will happen? Will they fall in love? Find out by reading! :)


1. Getting ready

I made my way to the phone, I was going to call Ami. I was so bored and with Ami around you never get bored! I dialed her number
"Hello?" She answered
"Hi wanna hang out?" I asked
"Ahh, I guess...." She said.
"So you come over here?" I asked.
"Yeah just give me 15 minutes" she said.
"Okay...." I said.
I hung up I sat on the coach waiting for Ami. About 20 minutes later she finnaly showed up. She had her pillow, blanket 2 bags full of get clothes and hair stuff. 4 bags of sweets.
"Whoa did you bring your whole bedroom!" I joked.
"Almost sorry I took so long!" Ami said.
"It's okay why did you bring all of your hair stuff?" I asked.
"Because we are go in' clubbing!" Ami said with excitement.
"Really I've got to go get ready and so do you!" I said.
"Yeah that's why I brought my hair stuff, I was thinking we could do eachothers hair" ami said.
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