Glorious To The End

Honor, is no-one. She wants to be someone and this year she'll make sure that comes true. She won't stop at anything.


1. Prologue

"Now look at what you've done!" he shouted. She cowered away before whimpering "It wasn't my fault! It wasn't!"  He simply pushed her out of the way, he gasped and covered his mouth and nose. The stench of vomit overwhelming him. "What we gonna do?" the girl asked gently. He whipped around, and used his other hand to smash her face. She stumbled backwards holding her hand, and gently massaging her mouth that now oozed blood. She began to cry again. He sighed heavily, thinking quietly. Finally he said "It's simple, dump her at the quarry." The girl not wanting to be hit again simply nodded.

" get her legs, I'll get her arms, and be careful not to drip any blood on her!" The girl again mutely nodded. The only thought running through her mind was "Where did it go wrong?"   

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