The Wild Cards


1. Prologue


New york 3045 A.D.  Somewhere in the underground slums. Rusty Clock Cafe

A bald man sits by himself on a small table in the back corner of the Rusty Clock Cafe. He looks out of place in his clean grey suit and polished black shoes. In front of him is a glass of whiskey, which he stares at, and an empty chair.

"Victor?", a man's voice says. Victor looks up from his glass to see man with scruffy blond hair. 

"Jack. What brings you here?", Victor says. Jack slumps into the seat opposite Victor. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a slim folder.

"I've found a solution to your problem, an alternative to the wild cards", Jack says, sliding it next to the whiskey glass. Victor ignores the folder and glares at Jack.

"Why would I stray from the wild cards? It's proved to be a useful method", Victor growls. 

"Well at least consider adding her to the wild cards", Jack sighs, ignoring the the increasingly evil glare he is getting from Victor.

"I can't just add people at random people to the wild cards", Victor hisses. Jack rolls his eyes.

"Just read her file"

Victors eyes slide down to the folder. He opens it and looks at the picture; a slim young woman with green hair falling down her back and pale white skin. Victors eyes skim along the words next to the picture, a smile crawling onto his lips.

"Can you get hold of her?", He asks Jack, his eyes fixed on the file.


"Is she aware that you have here file?"


This makes the smile on Victors face bigger. His eyes meet Jacks.

"Put her on a trial", Victor hands Jack the folder, "I want to see if she is capable of doing our business before she goes anywhere near the bigger case"

Jack nods, standing up, he takes the folder and sweeps out of the cafe. Leaving Victor behind, smiling, his eyes back to the glass of whiskey.

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