76th Hunger Games.

On the 76th Hunger Games, Jenna Edwards was chosen at the reapings to represent District 12 as a tribute to the Hunger Games. Will die from a knife blow from a girl from District 5? Or will she survive and get away with her backbag and the backbag with the number 5 that she stole from the girl tribute?


1. 76th Hunger Games.

Chapter 1.

         I stand behind one of the trees that surround the Cornucopia. I look into the clearing and see the table with the three orange bookbags. One of them says 12. I have to get that one. I wait for the gong. I know th other two are hiding somewhere not far off. I can feel that there is someone near. And not very far.

         Then, out of the corner of my eyes, I see a figure dart out towards the table and snatch a bag. Then I realize it is the boy from District 4, Jack. I quickly load my bow with an arrow, and aim, getting him in his back. Jack falls on his face, and lays there, still as a statue. I know he is dead.

          Just as I was thinking to grab the bag in his hand along with mine, the gong rings. I dash out as quickly as possible, aiming for the bookbag in Jacks hand. His fingers are not hard to pry open from the bag. Then I run up to the table and grab at my bag. Just as I do so, Valarie, the girl from District 5, grabs onto it as well. I see her reach into her pocket to reveal a perfectly sharp knife, already splashed with the blood from her past victims. All I have is a bow and arrow. If I release the bag now and reach for my weapon, Valarie can snatch the bag and run away with it. Then I will be left with nothing.

           All of a sudden, Valarie lets go of the bag and jumps on top of me. She brings the knife up to my face, as if ready to cut a pattern.

            I remeber seeing a scene like this in the 74th games.

            Derek should be here. Where is he? He should be here, watching my back. "Where is your district buddy? Is he too scared to come out?" Valarie says. "It doesn't matter, because Ronn will find him and finish him for good. Just like I will do to you right now. Then I will go behind Ronn's back and kill him. That will make me a winner, won't it? Don't worry, I will say 'Hello' to your family when I stop in your district." "Derek!" I scream as loud as I could. "Derek!" Valarie closed my mouth with her hand to shut me up. She looked around to see if Derek was anywhere near. "Liar," she said. "Derek buddy isn't anywhere near here." I know he is here, though. He's not far away. I took the attempt to bite her palm. She pulled her hand back, screeching. "Well then, why don't we start?" she said, bringing the bloody knife up to my mouth. "I will start with your mouth so when I actually start I won't have to hear your horrible childish voice."

           Then, without her noticing, Derek came behing Valarie and stabbed her in the back with his sword. Valarie collapsed onto me, blood streaming from her mouth and back. I shoved her lifeless body off of me and got up.

             I heard footsteps coming from my left. I looked to see Ronn running towards us, towards Derek, with his axe in hand. He raised his axe and hit Derek with it before he could have said a word. "NO!" I shreek. "DEREK!" I run up to Derek's still, bloody body. I knelt down next to him and cried in his chest. I didn'r care if I got his blood on me.

           "You didn't think you would both win, did you?" Ronn said. I looked up and pur hatred replaced my look of sadness. "Of course not. I would have committed suicide to let him win. But not before I killed you," I reply. "Oh, now don't go hating on me now," he says. "I would never kill someone as beautiful as you." He takes a step closer, putting the back of his hand on my cheek. "But, we are in the Hunger Games, where killing is permitted." I stepped away, taking my bow from my shoulder, getting ready to attack if necessary. Of course, it was. I was just waiting for the right moment. Ronn steps closer to me saying, "It's a pitty that I have to kill a pretty face like yours." I pulled my bow, wanting to release so badly. "I heard you are very strong. Want to have hand to hand combat?" Ronn challenges. He disgusts me, but I take it anyway. He throws his axe to one side. He raises an eyebrow, as if asking if I am up for it. Of course I am up for it. Once there is a competition, I get very competitve. So I throw my bow and sheath of arrows on my other side, and get ready to go.

              Ronn runs towards me. I take a step to the side at last minute and make an attempt to trip him. It works, and he falls down on the grownd. I jump on top of him, turning him over, putting his hands above his head. He smiles a sly smile, and I smile back for good measure. Next thing I know, Ronn rolls me over on my back with him on top of me. He tries to make an attempt of breaking my arms by twisting them back, but before he could get a chance I hit him in his groin with my knee. He rolled off, holding on to the part I hit him. That gives me an advantage of beating him down. I sit on hit and start to hit him with my fists. I hit him repeatedly in the face until I hear his nose crack to indicate that I broke it. I hit him in his jaw as well. My last blow in his jaw makes in brake as well, causing blood to come out of his mouth. Then, since I use revenge on my enemies, I decided to play unfair. I ran to where my bow and arrows lay, and pulled my bow. I saw a look of pleeding in Ronn's face, as if saying, "Don't kill me, I beg you." I ignored him and released the arrow. I stab him right in his throat. He takes out the arrow, holding on to his throat, choking up blood, and after about thirty seconds goes still.

              That's it. I am the victor. I won.

               I run away from the circle and into the trees so they can retrieve the dead bodies. The birds stop singing, except one who give a warning signal. Then, a hovercraft appears out of nowhere and takes the bodies of the edead tributes.

              After that is taken care of, I go back to the Cornucopia circle and wait. Then the trumpeys play and Claudius Templesmith's voice booms over the arena. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present the victor of the Seventy-sixth Hunger Games, Jenna Edwards! I give you-- the trubute of District Twelve!"

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