The Girl who risked it all

Macy Capri is a girl who was going somewhere.She has The most beautiful long thin curly brown hair,and her dark blue eyes sparkle like the ocean.To top it off, shes irish and her chidhood best friend is Niall Horan,who has a huge crush on her since forever.What will come in store for these two best friends? Will they fall in love,or will Niall stay in the friendzone?


1. We Meet again

It was a few years ago when I left Ireland to explore Europe with my older sister Gizelle. We were going on a 3 year trip. luckily,I finished school early and had my highschool diploma.Right now Im 5 minutes away from returning to Ireland.I missed my family,the food,and most of all my best friend niall.We grew up together and he means so much to me.I wonder what hes doing with his life?
As the plane landed,I felt nauseous.What if he forgot about me?I decided the first place i was heading was his dads place.I quickly grabbed my bag and ran outside to fetch a taxi.I gave him the address,and i was on my way.
nialls pov:today was my day off so i was spending it with my brother greg and my dad at his house.Later on we were going to Nando's,but for now,we were just chilling.As I was logging out of twitter,the doorbell rang.I went to answer the door,but saw Greg was already there so I went to the kitchen for some chips.Thats when I heard her voice.
your pov:I arrived and rang the doorbell.Greg answered in shock."Hi Greg,is Niall here?" I asked."Come in.Knowing my best friend,I ran to the kitchen.He was there eating chips.He dropped them and ran to me."you're back!How long have you been here?" "ActuallyI arrived like an hour ago.When we exited,I ran from Gizelle,found a taxi,and drove here!"

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