The Girl who risked it all

Macy Capri is a girl who was going somewhere.She has The most beautiful long thin curly brown hair,and her dark blue eyes sparkle like the ocean.To top it off, shes irish and her chidhood best friend is Niall Horan,who has a huge crush on her since forever.What will come in store for these two best friends? Will they fall in love,or will Niall stay in the friendzone?


2. Tour

Niall:Hey! Macy! Now that youre here,how about coming with me on tour tomorrow?
Niall:Yeah with me and me band.
me:I didnt know you were famous.
Me : Yeah but now I do!
Niall: So what do you say?
Me: Omg,yes!
Niall:we'll be gone for eight months so pack alot of clothes.
Me:When do we leave?
Me:Oh I got to pack my things.
Niall:Let me take you home

We put all my luggage in the back and drove to my place:
Niall:Wheres the rest of your clothes?
Me I quished everything in so I wouldnt have to pay so much.

We arrived and we took as much suitcases as we could.We then knocked where my parents were there to help us out.I hugged them so tight and announced the news!
Me:Mom,dad,I'm going on tour with Niall
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