I'll Be Yours if You'll Be Mine. (1D fanfiction)

Marley Snow is 18 years old, she lives in London and she has always been a trouble maker. But soon enough she pushes strings to far and that makes her foster parents crack. Marley then goes and works for her friend Steve at his coffee shop 'everything strokes' and you will not believe who she meets....


41. Chapter 38


It was about 15 minuets after I hung up the phone with Taylor when the door opened and she walked in. She held something in her hand.

"Stand up!" she said and I looked at her. She winked as she went around me and handcuffed me and then put a bag over my head and took me out the door.

"Where are you going with the prisoner?" Some female voice asked.

"Taking her out to teach her a lesson she hit me and left a nasty mark." Taylor said

"Where did she hit you?" the woman asked

"I'll have to have her hit you to show you."Taylor and and then we were walking again, i heard a car door open and I was seated inside where the handcuffs and bag were taken off. "Sorry about that."

"Its okay" I said rubbing my wrists. 

"Now my parents" she said.

"I need to come up with a plan but Taylor we will get them back." I said.

"And one more thing." she said.

"What?" I asked

"I brought you something" she said and then from the front of the limo a figure emerged and up walked Louis he knelt on the ground and I threw my arms around him kissing him and knocking us both back, after a minuet we started to laugh and got up. I looked at Taylor and saw her smile in jealousy.  

"So where are we going?" I asked her.

"Louis has a farm house out far and they won't be able to find you there... That would be our best shot in order to keep you hidden." she said.

"And what about Steven?" I asked

" I'll contact him and let him know whats going on and where we are going to stay." she said. " I'll also go and get the rest of the boys, we will need them." 

"Yes we will if we want things to go as planned." I said

"Marley how are you going to do this?" she asked"I have codes inside of my head they have got to help with something, and if not well..... I'll wing it." i said and she looked at me star struck.

"Wing it?! You're going to wing it?! Marley these are my parents." she said and i kicked back and put my feet up and my arms behind my head.

"And sometimes winging it is always the best way to go." I said

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