I'll Be Yours if You'll Be Mine. (1D fanfiction)

Marley Snow is 18 years old, she lives in London and she has always been a trouble maker. But soon enough she pushes strings to far and that makes her foster parents crack. Marley then goes and works for her friend Steve at his coffee shop 'everything strokes' and you will not believe who she meets....


40. Chapter 37


I can't believe what I have just been told! my father my own father killed my mom and has now kidnapped me?! All because of a chip??? You think that i would remember someone cutting my head open and placing a chip inside, you would think that I would have a scar to remind me. I took my phone out again and turned it on, YES! i have one bar lets not looes it. I went to my contacts and called Louis maybe he can get me out of this. The phone rang and rang and went to voice mail i ran my fingers through my hair nevously and so i hung up and tried Harry. It rang and rang until he finnaly picked up.

"Hello?" Harry asked.

"Harry its me !" i said

"Marley?" he whispered.

"Yes its me." i said and i heard a voice in the back ground and then a door close followed by a lock going through.

"oh my god Marley! She told us you were gone!." he said

"I tired to call Louis but he didn't answer." I said

"They took his phone away." he said

"Who did?" I asked.

"the men in the suits, we were going to go and look for you when they barged into the house, I don't have much time before they come and get my phone." he said.

"Harry i don't know where I am but I am in a basement i was running when i was ambushed." i said. "I need you to go and give the phone to Taylor i need to talk to her"

"Taylor? Marley I can't let them see me with a phone!" he said.

"Taylor, Harry she's my only hope." I said and he sighed.

"Hold on." he said and I heard the door unblot and open. "Taylor! I need to talk to you!"

"What is it now?" I heard her adk.

"Come with me." he said and I heard a door close and lock. "Talk into the phone."

"Hello?" she asked.

"Taylor its me marley!" I said.

"Marley?!" she asked

"How in the? how are you talking to me?" she asked

"You didn't take my phone, look you can;t do this you have to come and let me out!" i said

"I can't..... he has my parents." she said

"and soon hes going to have my life!" i said

"Look Marley i'm so sorry but I can't help you." she said "I have to get my parents back."

"If you let me out I can get them back for you." I said

"No you can't, he said the only way-" i cut her off.

"I know what he said and I'm telling you there is another way you jsut have to let me out!" i said. " Wat id you hand me over and he doesn't hold his end of the bargin and keeps your parents."

"No he wouldn't" she said.

" He killed my mother Taylor, because she gave me away." I said "You can't trust him, I don't know what deal he has you hung up on but hes not going to go through and that i promise, but help me and I promise that i will get them back."

"Promise?" she asked and i could hear that she was close to tears.

"I promise." I said

"I'm on my way." and she hung up.

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