I'll Be Yours if You'll Be Mine. (1D fanfiction)

Marley Snow is 18 years old, she lives in London and she has always been a trouble maker. But soon enough she pushes strings to far and that makes her foster parents crack. Marley then goes and works for her friend Steve at his coffee shop 'everything strokes' and you will not believe who she meets....


34. Chapter 32


Louis must have carried me into the house because I woke up in his bed. Only it wasn't Louis that I was laying next to..... Its Harry.

"Oh shit son you're in the wrong bed! Or did Taylor get bored with you?" I asked and turned around so my back was to him.

"Marley I wanted to apologize." Harry said.

"Don't okay don't even start with me." I said not looking at him. "Where Louis?"

"Hes at the store, and Marley we need to talk" he said and I felt his hand on my bare shoulder.

"Harry I don't want to talk" I said rolling over so that I could see him and he dropped his hand. 

"I want to talk to you" he said

"Wheres Taylor? How about you go talk to her." I said

"I want to talk to you about her." he said

"If you want to know what her favorite flowers are then sorry you're out of luck." I said

"I'm sorry about what happened with her and I" he said

"You must not be that sorry , you're still with her aren't you?" I asked

"Yeah but-" he said

"But nothing don't but me! You are still with her so you must not feel that bad at all." I said

"Marley I am still in love with you." he said and I just looked at him.

"Bull shit." I said pulling the covers off and swinging my feet out of the bed. Harry grabbed me and pinned against the wall. "Harry no."

"Marley listen to me please!" he said

"I did listen to you. I listened to you when you said that we could start over and when you promised me." I said. "But things changed we changed."

"I don't want to be with Taylor I want to be with you." he said

"You're drunk Harry." I said

"I am very much not." he said

"Let me go... now" I said sternly.

"Marley please I love you." he said and his grip tightened. 

"OW!" i yelled he loosened his grip.

"Sorry" he said then he moved in so his face was close to mine I looked up into his big green eyes and just then the door opened and in walked Louis. 

"Oh thank god," I said getting out of Harry's grasp and running over to Louis, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"What's going on here?" Louis asked

"Nothing" Harry said storming off past Louis and into the hallway.

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