I'll Be Yours if You'll Be Mine. (1D fanfiction)

Marley Snow is 18 years old, she lives in London and she has always been a trouble maker. But soon enough she pushes strings to far and that makes her foster parents crack. Marley then goes and works for her friend Steve at his coffee shop 'everything strokes' and you will not believe who she meets....


2. Chapter 2


After about 15 minuets i arrived at Steven's place, I went up the back steps and knocked on the door. About a minuet later Steven opened the door.

"Marley hey girl whats shaken?" Steven asked with a smile.

"A lot can I come in?" I asked.

"Yeah and actually I need your help, Jack called in sick today and we are having a rush if you're up to the task?" he asked, Steve owns a coffee shop that is connected to his home.

"I would love to" I said as i walked inside.

"Wonderful thanks love" He said as he kissed me on the cheek. Steven has always been a very friendly guy who is friends with people everywhere no matter what 'clique' their in at school. Yeah we are in high school last year for both of us, so its pretty exciting. I went inside and followed Steve up to the front of his house where the shop is at. "Alright well here you go is should fit it used to be Mitzy's before she moved." he handed me a black apron and we went behind the bar. Wow this was my first real job so lets see how this goes.

"Hello welcome to Everything Strokes how may I help you?" i asked the first customer ... i'm not sure how Steven came up with the name to this place.

"Hi i would like one Caramel Sea Salt." the man said

"Alright that will be $2.50" I said , and the guy slid me a 10 dollar bill. "Out of 10 okay"

"Keep the change." he said, i looked up for the first time since i have started talking to this guy to see who i was really talking to. Holy shit i was talking to Harry fucking Styles.

"Harry Styles? Oh my god are you shitting me right now?" i asked

"Nope, i'm Harry Styles" he said with a smile. "and you must be Mitzy?"

"What? oh um no i'm Marley" i said looking down to see that her name tag was still on the apron.

"Oh well nice to meet you." he said

"I'll go get your coffee." i said walking over to the machine, I've been into this coffee shop enough to have picked up some stuff that comes in handy. It took me about 5 minuets before i got him his coffee, i put it up onto the counter and he slid me a index card.

"Hopefully we will meet again?" he said as he took his coffee and walked out of the shop and got into a car. I picked up the card and looked at it, it said. 'dinner sometime? i would like to get to know you better might seem a little weird and fast but i would like to see you again.' and at the bottom of it was his number. I slid the card into my front pocket and went back to help the next person.

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