I'll Be Yours if You'll Be Mine. (1D fanfiction)

Marley Snow is 18 years old, she lives in London and she has always been a trouble maker. But soon enough she pushes strings to far and that makes her foster parents crack. Marley then goes and works for her friend Steve at his coffee shop 'everything strokes' and you will not believe who she meets....


14. Chapter 14


What did I just do? God damn it Louis you knew that you should have waited so that you could see if she did like you..... But she didn't slap you and she kissed you again.... Louis don't get ahead of yourself don't get all excited for something that could back fire and be nothing.. She likes Harry, but that is right now, you never know what could happen to her feelings. Well at least I put myself out there and got to show her how I feel about her, She wouldn't have been able to tell any other way I just know it. 

"Hey Louis whats up?" I looked over to see Liam talking to me.

"What?" I asked

"You look down, is everything okay?" he asked

"What do you do if you did something you knew you shouldn't have but the thing back fired on you and turns out they might like you to?" I asked knowing that I can trust Liam with anything.

"You like someone?" He asked

"Not just anyone." I said

"Who is it?" he asked, I looked straight at him and he knew. "Marley?"

"Yeah" i said

"She's Harry's girl Lou and you know that." he said

"Yeah, yeah i know." I said

"But when you say back fired what do you mean exactly ?" he asked

" I might have kissed Marley...." I said

"You what?" he asked

"I wasn't planning on it until i knew that maybe she would like me to but she pulled me over to talk and I couldn't wait any longer I just went for it." I said

"Alright and how did it go?" he asked.

"She pulled back at first surprised." I said

"At first?" he asked

"Well then I started to apologize and she came at me and kiss me this time." I said Liam just looked at me in owe.

"What?! But she's dating Harry!" he said

"It's not like they are official or anything.." I said

"Yeah well I'm sure in Harry's mind they are!" he said

"Look its not like its going to happen again. After it happened she said 'We can't tell Harry about this, not until we know that this is'." I said

"Louis you are an amazing gut but Harry is one of your best friends if you took Marley from him he would be crushed." he said

"How do you know?" i asked

"because last night he came into my room and told me how strong his feelings are for Marley." he said

"Well what if I don't 'steel' her what if she comes to me? What then ? Am I supposed to push her away?" i asked

"That's a different story but Louis we have to get ready for the concert , lets go man." he said patting me on my back as I got up,  I followed him to the back stage dressing rooms and closed the door not taking my mind off of Marley.

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