I feel safe in your arms (on hold)

Abby has always been a good-girl getting straight A's and is super sweet and popular. She always enjoys a good party or night out, but she never drinks a single drop of alcohol because she says 'she likes to remember things when she has a good time.'
She is dragged along to Colton Chrisfield's party by her best friend. She never guessed that one glass of beer and a game of truth or dare would change that all.


15. Three months later...

"Colton! Give me my top back!!" I yell running after him, half dressed and half not. As I bet you've already guessed I'm not wearing a top but Izzie and Tyson are used to it because it happens on a daily basis. 

It's been about three month since the little... Damien incident and Tyson and Colton decided to move into our flat just encase Damien did come back. I think they only moved in so he could be closer to us but I'm not complaining... Colton's room is right next to mine and Tyson's is at the other side of the flat next to Tyson's. Even though we have many wall between us, you can still hear what they get up to at night.

Colton and I are taking it slowly because he knows I still can't face what happened but I'm over it. I'm ready to move on with my life and do the things I want to do. And what I want to do is Colton... if you get what I mean...

"You want it back?" Colton asks coming to a stop, smirking down at me while holding my top above his head. Damn him and his height! "Then come and get it" He quickly stuffs it down his pants so I can't grab it, smirking at me challenging me.

I sigh knowing that I wasn't going to get it back very soon. "Fine I'll just wear a different one but you better put that in the wash" I turn around on my heels and walk back into my room before routing around in my draws for a new top. "You know you'll be paying for this later" I state pulling my grey vest top over my head and tucking it in before slipping on my favorite white see-through blouse. 

"I had a feeling you would say that but we both know I'll just end up winning" Colton whispers in my ear, his warm breath tickling my skin.

"You never know..." I trail off not wanting my voice to crack. "Anyway. I'm hungry I think it's time for breakfast" I smile up at him before skipping into the kitchen.

Izzie and Tyson are sat at the table, four plates of steaming hot pancakes sat in front of them, their lips locked. 

URGH! I thought we talked about this. "NO PDA IN THE KITCHEN!!" I scream at the top of my lungs making them snap apart.

"Are you trying to make my eardrums explode?" Izzie asks, holding onto her right ear. "Because you're doing  god damn good job at it" I smiled at her cheekily before squeezing my dripping wet hair all over her. "Urgh! I hate you so much!"

"Lies! You love me. Especially because I can put up with the things you scream while I'm trying to sleep"

"You're so lucky you're my best friend other wise I would kill you" Izzie mumbles taking a bite out of her pile of pancakes.

"Morning!" Colton chimes coming into the kitchen and sitting on his seat backwards. "So anyone got any plans for today?" He asks, spinning on his seat weirdly.

"Well we both have classes all day so I guess it's just you two" Tyson states, sending Colton a cheek wink. "But don't have too much fun without us"

I gently place my hand on Colton's thigh, running my fingers over it gently, barely touching his trousers. "I'm sure we'll probably just be watching a movie or something" I state calmly. I start to move my hand closer to his... manhood.

I could feel him getting excited, quickly just as he stood up. His normally warm eyes were now dark with lust. "I think I'm gonna go get a shower, I'll see you guy when you get back" Colton states, leaning over slightly trying to hide his boner. "Your so going to get it for that later. I always win!" He whispers in my ear before striding out the room.

Oh god what have I got myself into?! I think, biting into my breakfast trying to seem calm.

"What was that all about?" Izzie asks sounding confused.

I shake my head slightly, giggling a little. "Don't worry your pretty blue head. Colton just doesn't like people seeing him when he's turned on" I state, my voice filled with amusement.

"Well I think we should leave before Colton puts his revenge into action" Tyson, says pulling Izzie up out of her seat.

"That might be for the best..." Izzie agrees grabbing both of their bags off the floor by the door.

I walk up to the door and open it up, placing the keys in Izzie's hand. "Have fun at collage" I chirp as they leave.

"Is that even possible?" Izzie asks turning to face me.

"No" Colton states from behind me,wrapping his arm around my waist. "But it makes coming back to our flat seem better"

"True, well we're going to be late. Don't ruin the flat!" Tyson calls as they sprint down the hall way.

Before I can even think about closing the door, Colton presses me up against it, slamming it shut. My eyes widen slightly at how dark his eyes are, instead of being their usual warm hazel they were deep brown. His lips were pulled up into a smirk. He leaned down, pressing his lips onto mine.

I quickly reacted to the kiss wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling his body close to mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist, his hand snaking under my thighs to hold me up.

He pulled his lips off mine, leaving me wanting more but I knew that's what he wanted. "I think we should take this somewhere else don't you?" He asks, the lust in his eyes growing more if possible. I nodded not able to speak, all words I thought about saying feeling alien on my tongue. 

He walk me through the house, still clinging onto his body. When we came to his room he used my back to push open the door and he slowly placed me down on his bed. Our lips joined once again and you could probably feel the heat and passion from it in the flat below us.

Colton's hands traced my body, caressing my curves.

"Are you sure about this?" Colton asks me, his voice rough and deep, his breathing jagged.

"Yes..." I say, confidently. With that he started kissing my neck tenderly. Making my breath catch in the back of my throat. 

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