I feel safe in your arms (on hold)

Abby has always been a good-girl getting straight A's and is super sweet and popular. She always enjoys a good party or night out, but she never drinks a single drop of alcohol because she says 'she likes to remember things when she has a good time.'
She is dragged along to Colton Chrisfield's party by her best friend. She never guessed that one glass of beer and a game of truth or dare would change that all.


10. The crazy stylist!

I let my eyes flutter open as I felt the bed dip beside me. I looked up from under the covers to see a -now fully clothed - Colton, a smile was playing at his lips as I sat up bring the covers up with me. I know I just did... it with him but I still don't feel comfortable letting people see me like that."I made you breakfast!" Colton stated proudly.

"You... cooked?" I asked in disbelief. He gave me a smug smile and placed the tray of food on my lap.

I took in the tray as he lifted up a steaming cup of coffee from the tray and took a sip. I gingerly took a bite of the food that was laying in front of me. As soon as it entered my mouth my eyebrows shoot up in surprise. It was one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted. "Do you like it?" Colton whispered in my ear taking a brake from eating his own plate of what looked like scrambled eggs.

"Colton you are perfect and you never seem to stop surprising me" I state placing a soft sweet kiss on his lips.

"OK, it's time for you to get ready" He stated with a wink. I raised an eyebrow at him as to ask why. "Because we are going out Izzie said she wants to help you with getting ready an said said and I quote 'tell Abby to get her butt into the shower and she'll be their with an outfit when you are ready'" He stated with a wink before slipping out of the room.

I let out a low groan as I dragged my tired body to the shower. I jumped in the shower, once the hot water hit my skin my tight muscles started to relax. I wash my body and hair twice knowing how fussy Izzie can get when she is in 'Stylist mode'. I swear she can be so easy to stress out when it comes to how someone looks. How Tyson deals with her when she is like that I will never know.

When I thought I was clean enough for Izzie's liking, I wrapped a fluffy white towel around my body and made my way back to my room.

As soon as I entered I could tell Izzie had gone all crazy stylist on me again. On the table by my was box full of make-up, then one full of hair products that were sorted out into section just how she like it, on the bed was a whole outfit the consisted of; a floral dress, light brown leather belt and a pair of light brown ankle-boot-heels. For fuck sake she even picked out my under-ware!

"Go put that on in the wardrobe!" Izzie ordered as I picked up the outfit from the bed. I have to give her credit it did look great on me. The floral print of the dress looked sort of yellow-y and went well with my light brown skin and the accessories. I steeped back into my room to be pulled down into a chair and pushed to the mirror.

I swear she spent like half an hour on my make-up but when she was done it had a natural look to it and it didn't make me look like a complete barbie which I was grateful for. Then she went onto my hair which she curled and pinned to the side so it fell over my right shoulder covering my scar. "Done!" She exclaim's proudly. "And if I may say so myself you look HOT!" Yep, Iggy's back.

"Thank you Iggy!" I squeal wrapping her up in a hug. Now to get this surprise date over with.

She suddenly grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the door while texting. As soon as we approached the door a loud knock echoed through the apartment. I stumbled forward and opened it up to see...

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