I feel safe in your arms (on hold)

Abby has always been a good-girl getting straight A's and is super sweet and popular. She always enjoys a good party or night out, but she never drinks a single drop of alcohol because she says 'she likes to remember things when she has a good time.'
She is dragged along to Colton Chrisfield's party by her best friend. She never guessed that one glass of beer and a game of truth or dare would change that all.


14. I'm home!

I stayed in Colton's arms till police were barging through the apartment and taking Damien away. I was relived to finally see him out of my life. I won't miss him, that's for sure.

I just wanted to go home, but no! They had to ask me questions down at the station!


I rolled my eyes as they sat me on an uncomfortable chair in a small room, the only light coming from the light they were shining in m face. "OK, Miss Abby Whiteley. Please may you tell us what happened the day you disappeared?" The officer that was questioning me asked while pressing record on a weird devise that sat on the table between us.

"I was walking to school, it was cold and I felt someone's eyes on me, I had felt them on me for at least a week. I turned around once again to see if I could see the person watching me. I didn't see anyone so I turned back. When I did something covered my mouth and nose. I was starting to get dizzy then I blacked out. I woke up around three days later" I recount in a mono=tone, trying to keep tears from flooding out my eyes.

"Where did you wake up?" The officer asked.

"I woke up in the same room I was found in. He keep me locked up in that room for about a month" I say, my voice showing no emotion. I was staring ahead of me at a blank black wall.

"Who is he?" The officer asked, yet another question.

"Damien Price, my jealous ex-boyfriend" Why can't these people just let me be with my friends, that I haven't seen for ages?!

"Did Damien do anything to you?" He asked me, sympathy clear in his husky voice.

I closed my eyes blocking the horrible memories from filling my mind but sadly letting a single tear spill from my closed eyes. "He beat me. He hardly feed me anything. He kept me in the room against my will a-and he..." I couldn't finish. My mind was taken over by the memories I was trying so desperately to keep back. Memories of what he did to me every night.

"What did he do to you?" The officer asked once more looking at me. He looked like he pitied me, but I don't need his pity.

"H-he raped me" I sob, letting all my emotions out. I cried. I cried for the first time since he took me. I couldn't take it any more.

"Thank you Miss Whiteley, you may go back to your friends now" The officer spoke quietly like he was talking to a small child. "They are waiting for you outside" 

With that I got up and made my way outside. Not caring about the strange and pity filled looks I was getting on my way. All I cared about was seeing my brilliant friends once again.

As soon as they came into my sight I rush towards them to be wrapped up in a warm hug.

I once again felt safe. I felt like I was home.

"Come on Abby, let's get you home" Izzie sighed. 

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