I feel safe in your arms (on hold)

Abby has always been a good-girl getting straight A's and is super sweet and popular. She always enjoys a good party or night out, but she never drinks a single drop of alcohol because she says 'she likes to remember things when she has a good time.'
She is dragged along to Colton Chrisfield's party by her best friend. She never guessed that one glass of beer and a game of truth or dare would change that all.


7. house warming party!!

I pull out a strapless black top, high waisted jean shorts and a crop top that says 'love' on it. I flicked on some light mascara then took one last look in the wall length mirror by the door before leaving the room. In the living room Izzie was totally owning Colton on Mario carts, it was actually quite fun to watch. 

When Izzie finally came first she jumped up and fist pumped the air screaming "Izzie is the  best!" at the top of her lungs-which is very loud. I laughed at little at Iggy before going to sit down next to Colton on the floor in front of the TV.

"Colton, why would you accept a game of Mario cart against Izzie? It's like you wanted to hurt your man pride" I teased poking him in the rib. He furrowed his eyebrows at me before turning his back on me and giving me the silent treatment. "Colton?" I mumbled. "Colton, Colton, Colton!" I chanted in a whiny voice trying to annoy him. It is clear he isn't going to give up anytime soon so I guess it's down to me to get him talking.

I pulled myself onto his lap curling my arms around his neck. Still nothing. I traced my hand down his body and round his waist pulling my body closer to him. I could see him biting down on his lip trying not the speak/moan. I pulled my lips to his neck and whispered in his ear "Please talk to me!" before pressing my lips down on his neck.

"Your gonna be the death of me" Colton declared wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer.

I hopped up out of his arms pulling him with me. "Later" I stated before breaking Izzie and Tyson apart. "Iggy! I think we should have a party!" I say followed by a load of cheers from her.

"Hell yeah!" She hollered. "I'll get the drinks you invite as many people as possible" She said grabbing her car keys and pulling Tyson out the door. I let out a laugh and pulled out my phone.

I sent:

Hey xxx having a party tonight at mine and Izzie's new apartment! Invite everyone and anyone. Hope you can come. See ya soon xxx.

Plus the details of where it is any what time to come. I sent it to all my contacts and put my phone away. I smiled up at Colton with a cheeky grin on my face. "Time to get started" I say, rubbing my hands together mischievously


After clearing away all the breakable/expensive thing, setting out the drinks and snacks, setting up the music station and making sure our phones didn't get a million texts saying that people can come, we were finally done. I smiled at the work we had done and gave myself a mental pat on the back. "Perfect" I whispered as the door bell chimed.

"Just in time" Izzie muttered walking to the door, her electric blue hair flowing behind her and opening it letting the hundreds of people that had arrived in and shouting, "Let the party begin!" A earthquake of 'yeah's and even the odd 'hell yeah!' came from the crowd of people that had slowly started to gather in the living room and kitchen.

I let out a short laugh and walked over to the music station to set up a playlist, that consisted of; one direction, Tinnie Tempah, shrillex, Wiley, Kelly Clarkson, McFly, Avril Lavigne, Ellie Goulding,  Emeli Sande, Nicole Scherzinger, Ke$ha, P!nk, Jessie J, Conor Maynard, Rita Ora, Little Mix, Flo Rida and load more artist that some people asked me to put down.

I looked out across the crowd of people and see a lot of familiar faces dancing, drinking and generally having fun. I can see Izzie across the dance floor chatting and laughing her head off. I can see Colton chatting with a group of boys by the stairs that we blocked off. I smile to myself at the sight of him having a good time and being happy. I pick up a pair of head phones and get lost in the music that was playing through them.

I feel someone tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see Damien standing there looking down at me from a couple feet away. "Abby wheres you're little boyfriend?" He asks a hard look on his face. 

I cross my arms on my chest and turn back to the music play list. "He is with his friends" I state coldly. "Because unlike some people I actually allow the person I'm going out with to have a social life" I hiss bitterly taking a step away from him and closer to the music station.

He took a step closer to me so he was standing over me. "You know you want me" He whispered in what I suppose was meant to be a seductive tone.

I pushed him away from him with one hand trying my best to stop myself from shouting at this bastard. "You know I really don't" He pulled his arm around my waist and pulled me onto the dance floor trying to get me to dance with him. I push on his chest trying to get away from him but he just held on tighter. "DAMIEN GET OFF ME!" I screamed above the music. He just held on tighter before trying to kiss my neck. "KEEP YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF ME" I screamed trying to push him away yet again but he just held on tighter to my wrists digging in his nails to my skin. "DAMIEN YOU ARE HURTING ME LET GO!" I begged trying to get his grip to loosen but he just stood there glaring down at me. His face was stormy and it looked like he was about to hit me. I closed my eyes ready for the impact but when it never came I opened them to see Damien punching Colton.

I rushed down to them and pried Damien's fist off of Colton. I help Colton up off the floor tears streaking down my face at the sight of his cut up and bruised face. 

I wiped away my tears before turning back to Damien. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?" I yelled at him as he picked himself off the floor.

"MY PROBLEM IS YOU LEAVING ME FOR THIS... THING!" he countered gesturing to Colton.

I clenched my fist. "His name is Colton and he is more of a man than you will ever be" I hissed giving him a death glare. "And if you don't like the fact that I've moved on you should have thought about that before cheating on me with some slut that you didn't even know!" 

I could feel Colton tense from behind me. "Damien I think you should leave" He said in a monotone.

Damien's face went cold once again as he took a step closer to me and Colton. Colton's arm wrapped around my waist and he pulled me into his side. "You don't tell me what to do!" He hissed.

"You're right" I said in a blank tone. "I do!" I grabbed his ear and marched him to the door before throwing his sorry butt out the door. "And if I was you I wouldn't come back if you don't want a restraining order" I growled closing the door on his face. I turn round to Colton and my features soften. "Come on. Lets go get those cuts sorted out" I mumble before pulling him upstairs into he bathroom. 

I wiped his face clean and got an ice pack for his jaw that had a big purple bruise forming on it. I didn't have enough ice packs for all his bruise so I just ended up kissing them better, but he didn't mind.

I put away the first aid kit biting my lips to stop myself from kissing Colton yet again.

"You know you are really cute when you bite your lip" Colton stated leaning against the bathroom sink. That one sentence took all my will power away from me and I smacked my lips down on his and - to be honest - I'm glad I did.

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