Pregnant 101 With Harry

18 Year old Kat Monroe has a perfect life as a model. Her mother is a professional actress and her father is in the music business. Kat hates One Direction. She doesn't like their music at all. But when Kat's father becomes One Direction's new manager, her life turns completely around. It may be every girls dream to have the hottest boyband around them every minute of the day, but it's not exactly Kat's dream. And that's not the only crazy thing that happens to her. Kat falls in love with the british heartthrob, Harry Styles. But one night when she was alone with Harry, her life turned into a living nightmare. Harry got Kat pregnant.


8. Sick


Kat's P.O.V

It's been a week sense Harry & I 'did it'. So I don't know if I'm pregnant or what. If I am pregnant, then I'm most likely going to get kicked out of my house. I'm 18, so that's going to be a problem. When I woke up this morning, Eleanor and the boys were in the living room watching TV. I walked into the the kitchen and washed my hands. I don't know why but oh well. Harry came in and held on to my waist.

"Morning beautiful. I had fun last week." He said.

I smiled.

"I know, you told me that three times." I said and giggled.

I dried my hands.

"But what if I' know, pregnant?" I whispered.

Harry looked at me.

"Don't worry. Your not going to be pregnant." He said.

"Oh yeah, how are you so sure?" I asked.

"Don't worry, Kat. Just watch." Harry said.

Harry hugged me once more. And when he did, I felt a sickness feeling come over me. I had to throw up. I quickly ran to the bathroom, away from Harry. I closed the door behind me and locked it. Then I threw up in the toilet. Again and again. I grabbed a towel and wiped my mouth. I got up from the floor and opened the bathroom door. Harry was standing right there.

"Kat, are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I think I just ate something that made me sick. That's the last time I'm eating cookies made by Eleanor." I said and giggled.

"Haha. Okay. Well I hope you'll feel better soon." Harry said.

"Thanks." I said.

Then Harry walked off downstairs. He was so nice. But if I am pregnant, this is going to be both of our faults. Not just mine. Ours.

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