Pregnant 101 With Harry

18 Year old Kat Monroe has a perfect life as a model. Her mother is a professional actress and her father is in the music business. Kat hates One Direction. She doesn't like their music at all. But when Kat's father becomes One Direction's new manager, her life turns completely around. It may be every girls dream to have the hottest boyband around them every minute of the day, but it's not exactly Kat's dream. And that's not the only crazy thing that happens to her. Kat falls in love with the british heartthrob, Harry Styles. But one night when she was alone with Harry, her life turned into a living nightmare. Harry got Kat pregnant.


7. Pushing It Too Far

Kat's P.O.V

Once we got home from the concert, Harry & I sat in my room and talked about random stuff. But Harry went to the bathroom. Then I went to the window and watched the sun set. It shown through my window and reflected on my bedroom walls. My bedroom lights were off so it was a little dark. Then suddenly, I was attacked by a naked Harry.

"Harry! What the hell? Why are you naked?" I asked.

"I love to get naked, I thought you knew that." He said.

Was I seriously suppose to know that he loves to get naked? Harry held me in his bare arms, then he laid me down on my bed. I got under the covers and laid there. Harry got in my bed with me. Then next thing I knew, I was bare, too. Why are all my clothes on the floor? My bra and panties are on the floor too! What is going on? I felt Harry's hands explore my body. I got shivers. He kissed my neck. Next thing I knew it, it was happening. But I couldn't stop it. This was going too far.

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