Pregnant 101 With Harry

18 Year old Kat Monroe has a perfect life as a model. Her mother is a professional actress and her father is in the music business. Kat hates One Direction. She doesn't like their music at all. But when Kat's father becomes One Direction's new manager, her life turns completely around. It may be every girls dream to have the hottest boyband around them every minute of the day, but it's not exactly Kat's dream. And that's not the only crazy thing that happens to her. Kat falls in love with the british heartthrob, Harry Styles. But one night when she was alone with Harry, her life turned into a living nightmare. Harry got Kat pregnant.


6. Nobody Compares

Kat's P.O.V

Once we left the studio, I was worn out. Sometimes when I stay still for to long, my body starts to ache. And when there is too much flashing, us models eyes start to burn sometimes. When we got home, I headed up to my room and layid down. I head was hurting. I guess the boys and Eleanor were going to watch a movie. But then all the boys came in my room instead.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Do you still hate us?" Liam asked.

"I'm starting to like you guys, just not your music." I said. with a half smile.

"Okay." They all said and went back downstairs.

What was that for? Harry stayed and sat on my bed next to me. He kissed my cheek.

"Hey. We have a concert tomorrow down town. Wanna come?" Harry asked.

I looked at him.

"No. I'm good, thank you." I said and rested my head on my pillow.

Harry climbed on top of me.

"Oh, c'mon babe! Sure you don't like our music but you have to at least be there to support us." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I love you and you love me." He said.

I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Fine. Whatever." I said.

"Yes!" Harry said and jumped off me.

He ran downstairs and announced it to everyone. Then a minute later my father came in with his iPad in his hand. He looked impressed, yet confused.

"What's this?" He asked.

He showed me the picture on his iPad. It was when Eleanor, Harry, and I were modeling. Oops. Was he suppose to see that.

"What site is that on?" I asked.

"It's on Candy and in all the magazines. What is this" He asked again.

"It's Eleanor & I doing our job." I said.

"But why was Harry there?" He asked.

"Because he wanted to come." I replied.

My father closed his iPad and sat on the end of my bed.

"Are you dating Harry?" He asked me quietly.

I carefully nodded.

"Is that bad?" I asked.

"Well, no." He said.

"Okay, then if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sleep." I said.

"So your going tomorrow?" My father asked.

"Yes, father. Now I need to rest." I said.

He got up from my bed and turned off the lights and left the room. Soon I fell asleep.



I woke up when the boys came in and started singing a song that I'm guessing was called C'mon C'mon to me. They sang loud so I could immediatly hear them. I moaned and put a pillow over my face.

"Stop!" I yelled.

Harry jumped on me and held me tight. He ripped the pillow away from my head and sang in my face. I looked at him like I was going to slap him. I crossed my arms. He continued to sing. Then he interrupted.

"Okay, boys. I think she's had enough." He said.

All the boys stopped singing. Harry kissed me and hopped off me.

"Come on, beautiful." Harry said.

He stuck out his hand to help me out of bed, but I just got out of the covers and stood up. Then I walked out the door, followed by the boys. I went into the kitchen and got a banna then started to eat. But then the boys all stared at me with a big grin on their faces.

"What the hell do you all want now?" I asked.

"Your coming to our concert." They all said with a grin.

"Keep reminding me, and I'm not going." I said teasingly.

Then the all shut up after.

"Well, go get ready. We have to leave in ten minutes." Harry said.

"Ten minutes?!" I yelled and ran passed them, and went upstairs.

I ran into the bathroom, got my make-up on, and after all that girly stuff, I got dressed. I met the boys and my father downstairs and left to go to the concert. I didn't realize how famous One Direction was until a huge friggin' hoard of girl came, chasing the car that we were in. I looked at the boys like, 'are you freaking serious'. They all smiled and giggled. Once we made it to the concert, I felt like I was going to get pumbled by a group of angry girl that know I'm dating Harry. The boys got on stage and already, the girls in the whole concert were screaming their heads off. Was One Direction really this famous? The place was filled. I was backstage watching them perform on a TV screen that was monotering them. They sang Nobody Compares. It was actually a good song. I liked it. Harry was looking at the screen the whole time, smiling. My father led me to where I can watch the boys in person. It was next to the curtain, it was a open space where the boys enter the stage. But then Harry came towards me and grabbed my hand, then pulled me on stage. Then there were even more screams. I looked at the crowd and they were screaming and cheering. I almost got stage fright. I looked at Harry, he was looking at me and singing the song. I smiled. Then he smiled.

"Nobody Compares to you." Harry ended the song.

He had such an amazing voice. It was fresh and clear. I walked back behind the stage when Harry finished.


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