Pregnant 101 With Harry

18 Year old Kat Monroe has a perfect life as a model. Her mother is a professional actress and her father is in the music business. Kat hates One Direction. She doesn't like their music at all. But when Kat's father becomes One Direction's new manager, her life turns completely around. It may be every girls dream to have the hottest boyband around them every minute of the day, but it's not exactly Kat's dream. And that's not the only crazy thing that happens to her. Kat falls in love with the british heartthrob, Harry Styles. But one night when she was alone with Harry, her life turned into a living nightmare. Harry got Kat pregnant.


5. Bikini's & Model's

Kat's P.O.V

I laid in the sand in Harry's arms for a while longer until I looked at the clock on my phone. It said 11:34 p.m. I jumped up. Harry jumped up, too.

"Babe, what's wrong?" He said.

"I have to go. Eleanor & I are gonna be late if we don't get going now!" I said.

"Oh, can I come?" Harry asked.

I looked at him quickly.

"I don't care." I replied.

Harry & I ran to the house and got Eleanor and left. Harry offered to drive so we told him he could. When we made it to the Candy Lips Photo Shoot Studio. I could tell Harry was amazed by Eleanor & I's popularity. There were posters of us on the walls in a lot of rooms and hallways.

"Wow, this place practically worships you two." He said.

Eleanor and I giggled. We made it to the front desk and checked in. Then we headed up to the 4th floor where the photo shoot was. Once we made it to the room where Eleanor & I were working at. We met up with our manager, Justine Crile. She was almost like a mom to us. She made sure Eleanor & I got proper care from our stylist and everything. She had sky blue hair with a pink bow in her hair all the time.

"Hello girls!" Justine said and greeted us at the set.

She saw Harry following behind us.

"Well, who's your friend?" Justine asked.

"Oh, his name is Harry. Harry Styles. He's in that boyband called One Direction." I said and almost gagged saying the name of his band.

Harry smiled and waved. Justine smiled and waved aswell.

"He would make a great extra for the day." She said and walked towards him.

She walked around him and studied him once more. I could tell Harry was a bit nervous with a women looking at every detail of his body. She had a finger on her chin. She looked like she was thinking.

"Take your shirt off." She said.

"My shirt?" He asked nervously.

He looked at Eleanor & I.

"Hey, that's what we have to do. We have to take our shirts off at random times." I said.

"Than take your shirt off." Harry told Eleanor & I.

He wants us to take our shirts off, okay. I do it all the time when I'm here. We have freaking bras on. So Eleanor & I took our shirts off and put them over our shoulders. We looked at him. Harry was staring at our bodies. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.

"C'mon babe! Take off your shirt." I said.

I've never seen Harry without his shirt on. Never. So this might be fun. Harry took off his blue thin shirt and gave it to me. Holy shit, he had abs big time. You could see the lines of his abs perfectly. And I mean perfectly.

"Holy shit." I said.

I covered my eyes. He was tooooooo hot to look at without his shirt on. I opened my eyes and blinked a couple times. Harry started smiling and he looked down t his abs. Justine examined his abs. She went towards him and traced her finger on the outline of his abs. I looked at Harry and he looked scared.

"Don't worry, Harry. She's just examining to see if your really something good to use for modeling." Eleanor said.

Hey, it's true. Eleanor and I had to almost get naked the first time we were here. Modeling is pretty weird sometimes. Justine finished examining Harry's body. I missed a spot on his chest that had something interesting. It looked like he.......had two extra frigging nipples?! And he had a bunch of tactoo's! I wonder what else he hasn't told me.

"What are these? Freckles?" Justine said pointing at the dots on Harry's chest that looked like two extra nipples.

I interrupted and covered Harry's chest with his shirt.

"Okay, why don't we get to work?" I asked quickly.

I looked up at Harry, he was smiling. I could see the dimples on his face. They were amazingly cute!

"Well, whatever. Harry, you up for the job for today?" Justine asked Harry.

"Ummmm. Will I be in the same shots as Eleanor and Kat?" He asked.

Oh god.

"Yep. Only if you want to." Justine said.

I looked up at Harry and started to laugh. Harry hugged me.

"Okay. Let's get to work!" She said.

I guess I had to get some clothes on. But I have no clue what we are gonna model today. The only thing I'm in right now, is a pink bra and some short jean shorts. Harry gave me his shirt again. Eleanor gave me her's too so I can put them somewhere during the shoot. Harry followed Eleanor, Justine, & I to the clothes area. Two girls in bras and panties walked by and Harry watched them walk by. I looked at Harry. He smiled and put a arm around my bare waist. While walking to the dress-up area, I have a quick question I had to ask Harry.

"Harry?" I asked.

"Yeah, babe?" He said.

"Would you say we're dating?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?" He said.

"Well, you never asked me out, though." I said.

"Okay, well. Kat Monroe, will you go out with me?" Harry asked.

I looked up at him.

"Yes. Yes I will. But it doesn't mean I like One Direction." I said.

"I know, I know." He said.

Harry gently kissed my head. We finally got to the dress-up area.

"Today, you girls, and men, are modeling bathing suits." Justine said.

"Great." I said sarcastically.

Justine gave Eleanor, Harry, and I something we will wear for a bathing suit. I got a purple polk-a-dot, strapless, two peice bathing suit. Eleanor got a pink polk-a-dot, strapless, two peice bathing suit. So basically like mine execpt her's is pink and mine is purple. Harry got a fancy black and brown striped swimming trunks. I sat in a chair and waited for Eleanor and Harry to come out. Harry came out first then a couple seconds after, Eleanor came out. I guess we are now ready.

"You look beautiful." Harry said to both of us.

Justine came over to us.

"Okay, I need Kat to get candy lips, now!" Justine said to get a stylist's attention.

Shortly afetr, a stylist came over and led me to a table. She had the jimmies on the table and this special lip gloss glue that help the candy stay on. It's pretty cool. First, she put hot pink lip stick on, then applied the clear lip gloss glue to add shine and stickiness. Then she carefully placed the jimmies on my lips. It takes about five minutes for the glue to dry and its ready for cameras! The reason why I'm the only one in this studio that always has to get candy lips everytime I do a photo shoot, is because I was voted 'Candy Lip Girl'. So apparently I have to have candy lip EVERYTIME I come here for a photo shoot. Honestly, I really love the idea of Candy Lips because it's something that hasn't been invented by any other modeling studio. A couples minutes later, I was ready to go. I walked back over to Eleanor and Harry.

"Wow, you look adorable!" Harry said.

I smiled. through the candy on my lips.

"She has to have that stuff on her lips every single time she is here." Eleanor explained.

Harry looked at me in amazment.

"Can you speak?" Harry asked.

"Of course, I can." I said.

"Well, again. You both look beautiful!" Harry said.

"Thank you." Eleanor & I said.

"You look beautiful, too!" Eleanor said and started laughing. I laughed with her.

We walked over to the director.

"Okay, girls. You and....hey, it's Harry Styles from One Direction!" The directer said.

"This is perfect!" She said.

"Okay, Harry. Guess what?" She said. She was always high spirited.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Your gonna have girls in bikini's surrounding you today." She said.

I looked at Harry and smiled.

"Especially these girls, right?" Harry asked and put a hand on Eleanor and I's shoulder.

"Yep." She said.

"Okay, first I want the girls." The director said. She grabbed Eleanor and I's arms and put us in front of the back drop. It was a hot pink back drop.

"Okay, Kat, you put your arm around Eleanor and Eleanor, you put your arm around Kat. It's like a page for best-friends!" She said.

Click* Went the camera.

"Now Kat, do your singnature pose." She said.

I smiled and giggled a little. My signature pose was looking like I'm licking my lips and had my hands on my hips. And Eleanor was allowed to do whatever.

"Okay, now Harry. Come in the shot." She said.

Harry came over to us and stood between us.

"Don't be nervous. Just put your arms around us." I whispered into his ear.

He nodded and put one arm around Eleanor and one arm around me.

"Perfect! Harry, your a pro already!" The director said.

Me and Eleanor giggled.

"Hey, you heard the women, I'm a pro!" Harry said.

Then he took his arms away and did his own thing.

"Okay, now the rest of the girls!" The director demanded.

"Brace yourself Harry, these girls are wearing bikini's too, and a lot of these girls will probably do weird stuff to you sense your the only dude in this picture. It's modeling, so what are you gonna expect." I explained.

Harry looked at me. He went towards me and put both arms around me. So no other girl would touch him. I giggled. The other girls came over and starting to do poses.

"Hey, can I borrow Harry for a sec?" A model asked and put one hand on Harry's back.

I looked up at him.

"Yep, go ahead!" I said and smiled.

So the model did a pose with Harry. After one picture was taken, Harry came back to me. Of course.

"I'm staying with you, now." Harry said.

"Okay, babe." I said.

Harry put both his arms around my body. I put my hands on his arms and did a half smile. That's what we have to do sometimes. Not smile, or half smile. It was hard to smile with candy yeah.

Click* A picture was taken.

The next picture showed more love between Harry & I. I turned around so I was facing Harry and half of my body was covering Harry's body, and I looked behind me, at the cameras. I put one hand on his arm that was on my waist, and one hand rested on his chest. I stepped sideways so you could see my hand on his chest.

"Perfect, Kat! Now the rest of the girl surround him and put a hand on his arm or shoulder." The director said.

So the girls did what she said, and I stayed where I was, with one hand on Harry's chest. I could tell Harry was living the life here. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by a bunch of hot girls, especially the Candy Lip Girl. Also known as me. So I hope Harry now who's what the modeling life is like. And I hope he's enjoying it.

Click* A camera flashed.


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