I waited for him to come, but he never showed up. For the three monthly comp.


1. Guess

        The sky was dark.  Autumn air flew into my bedroom, through my window.  Chills ran through my body.  I wondered if he would ever show.  I twirled my long, dark brown hair, around my thumb, I hummed that Taylor Swift song and I closed my eyes.
       I imagined him walking through that door.  A smile the size of the empire state grew on my face.  As soon as I saw his blonde hair, the joy rushed through my body, but I quickly realized it was a figment of my imagination and the joy left, as quickly as he stopped loving me.  
       That feeling came back, the one I've had for the last three months.  It was a terrible way to be.  I use to be everything, now I'm nothing.  
          Had he found someone else?  I bet he had.  He could have told me it had ended, instead of just leaving.  I remember that call, he said he was in town and may stop by.  I realize now, I was just another one.  He wanted something better, so he left that summer night, to find someone new.
        I finally understand, every tear was a waist and he was but another asshole that I shouldn't have used up my time on.  Another man I could have lived without.  I wish I could go back, tell myself, the minute I first saw him, he's trouble.  Of course, I would have never believed it.  He seemed like such an angel.  
       A knock on the door brought me back to reality.  Maybe it's him.  I walk downstairs and opened the door to see only the mailman.  He smiles and hands me a letter.  I let out a scream.  Everyone on the busy street stairs at me.  I shake my head and begin to cry violent tears.  The mailman leaves and I slam my door and scream again.  I had held in those screeches for long enough.
       I walk back upstairs.  I check the time, it was seven o'clock.  He was suppose to be here at noon.  I walked into the living room to find the lunch I made still sitting on the table.  
      I ate some salad and freezer pack chicken fingers.  I could hardily find time to eat between tear drops.  I watch TV.  The rain poured outside like a million little flies, falling from the clouds, just like I was.  Cloud nine was non existent.  It left with him.  But the drop was still going, my heart sank with every word, every movement and every thought.
     Destroyed.  He had destroyed me.  I longed for him, but he didn't give a damn.  I'm sure he knew that I waited for him, I'm sure he knew I would forever love him.  I'm sure he knew that those six months he loved me back were the best I've ever had. Why would he ever care.
     Stupid.  I was stupid to not understand earlier.  He didn't care. 
          The chicken tasted bitter and the salad was terribly lemony.

  Hours past.  It was three in the morning.  The doorbell rang.  I ran downstairs.  When I opened the door, there he was,
    "Sorry I'm-" he said with an evil grin on his face,  I slammed the door.  It was over, I should have guessed.


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