Bleeding Love

When two different worlds collide sometimes its hard to keep up with things. But in Ellie and Harry's case things were meant to be, I mean what possibly could go wrong?


3. Relationship or Friendship?

It's been a week since I've seen Harry, I guess I didn't miss him that much but i really can't wait to see him at lunch today! I love living in London it's so beautiful and everybody's too kind, since I've been here I have been able to get a job at Starbucks which is amazing.

"Harry! Can you pass me the gravy?" "Haha shutup you child." "So what's going on today is it a date? Do you like her?" "I don't know Lou I miss her and all. But I guess I don't really know her at all.. I mean it was a day but I feel like she's not being real? She's amazing and I love her as a friend but I don't know man, it's just one of those things." "We'll Eleanor's calling me so good luck mate" "Cheers"

God a week has one so past, I mean I actually miss her but not enough. I grab my things and walk to cafe Biancai to meet her and there she is sitting down, we stare at each other and yet again I feel something special, urg what is going in with me?

"Harry hey" "hey Ellie, how have you been lately? Liking London?" "Erm yeah I do, I love it actually, and I'm good thanks I've been able to get a job at Starbucks." "That's amazing yeah!" "Thanks."

Something wasn't right, I legit couldn't put my finger on it I mean I liked him, he made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. "Hey Harry" "ye love?" "Have I done something wrong?" "No! I have been feeling the same way too, like I have done something wrong, but I don't no I just feel like I don't really no you yet and I'm falling for you?" "I guess I missed out one thing which at the time it was to bad to ruin such an amazing time I was having" "what you mean Ell?" "I have no parents.. I was adopted and they never told me anything about my real ones so I tried looking for them, and it ended up them being dead and my adoption parents keeping all the information from me because they hated my real father." "What that is legit mad Ell. I am so sorry" I slowly start to tear up whilst he comes over to hug me and kisses my head. "So yeah I haven't had the best year" "Ell I like you a lot I am so sorry." "No no no it's fine I swear Harry."

I felt so bad, I mean this whole time I was wondering if she as just being shady but she wasn't I felt so bad. "Common I'm taking you out!" "Where !" "You'll see miss Ellie!" "Haha Harry you no I hate surprises!"

He took me too the London Eye, it was magical. He held my hand because I hated heights and kissed me when I leaned into him for comfort. "Well that was just amazing." "Not as amazing as you!" He's killing me "no ones ever said that to me before" he picks me up and swings me around until our lips finally touch. Even though things were moving to the extreme I didn't care because I wanted this to last forever.

"Omg I've missed my shift at Starbucks" we look at each other and start laughing so hard until we have cramps, we get in the nearest taxi and got straight there. Until he realised he had a meeting with GQ for the boys photoshoot in New York tomorrow.

"I am so sorry but I have to go!" He kissed me on the cheek and ran out of the cafe. Whilst I had to deal with my boss..

ahh I can't believe I forgot! I run into the room with them all looking at me. They ignored me the whole meeting until it was over. I got the usual growl but we were fine. "What was she like Harry?" "Amazing, she's so kind,caring, stunning." "Just like Eleanor yeah!" Said Louis as he laughed.

We got home and there was 1 New Message, 'Hey I am so sorry I made you forget your meeting! This must be huge for you! I wanna see you before you leave though need to speak to you about a few things. Ellie x'
What did this mean?

I needed to see Harry because I got introuble by work and I missed my enrolment for Uni. When I went over it was just him. "Hey what's up? What has changed from 2pm and now?" "Yeah I kind of missed my Uni enrolment.." "Oh shit I am really sorry." "No it's not your fault I'm just bummed because I have to wait till next semester.. But yeah what I really needed to talk to you about it us and whats happening. I just got here and I'm in love I mean things are going so fast and missing the important things in life." "Yeah and" "maybe friends is our best option?"

Omg I've ruined everything, I apologised endlessly I was heart broken because I was ready to do anything with her but I wasn't going to give up just yet. We agreed to not see each other for two weeks just to get everything on track and to meet in Paris because she was going there for her birthday and I had a concert there with the boys.

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