Bleeding Love

When two different worlds collide sometimes its hard to keep up with things. But in Ellie and Harry's case things were meant to be, I mean what possibly could go wrong?


1. New Beginnings

I packed my bags and i left him a note. This has been going on for too long and it was destroying who we were, i didnt want to admit it but we were bad for each. Every thing was there, it was so perfect like it was too perfect, and the perfectness killed us because we became more and more devoted to eachother. So im leaving and i dont think ill see him again. I walk out of the house, pouring my eyes out, i shut the door and look out to the street, this was really happening we were over. I finally get to the airport to check in but somethings holding me back i just dont no what. So i sit down and wait, i have no clue what to think, do i board the plane? Or wait to see if he truly loves me?

1 year before

Chapter 1: New Beginnings
"Ellie I'm going to miss you so much!"
"Ill miss you to Kate, why can't you come to London with me!?"
"Don't even bother asking me that anymore..."
"Flight 1287 to London takes off in 1 hour, last call for check in."
"I hate that lady, she always knows how to ruin people's days."
"Haha aw, josh ill miss you too much!! But I think I should go. I love you all so much."
I just realised that this was the last time in a while that I was going to be with them altogether in the city we grew up in. My friends became my life after I found out my parents weren't my real ones, that I was adopted and my birth parents past away so i guess moving to London would be the best thing for me and my future. "Last Call for Check in for flight 1287 to London." I looked at the all with tears streaming down my face, aswell as there's. "well I'm off everyone, I love you all and thank you so much for everything." "Anything, we love you Ellie all the best for the future we know its going to an amazing one." I hugged them all and check in, then it was all about me and my future. I had a really close friend of mine who lived in London, her name was Tanika. We went to High School together, she knew all my friends, we were all so tight but she moved away because her dad landed a massive job which was fantastic but sad. Living with her now is going to be amazing I can't wait!

"Omg i am so sorry"
"No its fine haha thankyou"
I look up and its him, Harry Styles.
"Holy oh god i am real sorry haha" he looks at me with those bright eyes, chuckles as we star at each-other and board the plane as he gets taken away.
The flight is so long, ive been dreading it but atleast i met Harry Styles!! He was so much more beautiful in real life i mean those eyes were priceless and his smile. I was moved to first class because my friends wanted to give me the best possible seats considering they no how much i hate planes. I feel a tap on my shoulder, i look up and its him again!
"Hello love"
".... Um ah oh my g.. Hi!!!!!"
"Haha im sorry about before drooping my coffee on you, it was the fans!" I looked at him in dispite "haha i swear it was them!" He gave me a cheeky smile and i replied "i believe you dont stress, what are you doing here though?" "Just thought id see how you were, you seemed pretty speechless.." "Well um OF COURSE!! Your harry styles i mean what girl wouldnt be?????" He laughed at me and we starred into eachothers eyes.
"So may I ask for you name?" He asked as he fixed his hair, "erm no .. Haha I'm only kidding, I'm Ellie, Ell for short but Ellie's already short enough so any things really fin-" he put his hand over my eyes and kissed me, we both pulled out, smiled, and then kissed again. I swear this was a dream come true....
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