Bleeding Love

When two different worlds collide sometimes its hard to keep up with things. But in Ellie and Harry's case things were meant to be, I mean what possibly could go wrong?


2. Is This Really Happening?

Chapter 2: Is this really happening?
The plane lands but we don't want to leave each other so we stay on and talk about everything, he's so amazing and he treats me like I'm his girl, he got my number, because we wanna see each other a lot, we were inseparable the whole ride to London and just thinking about leaving him really sucked. "I'm sorry to interrupt but you two need to exit the Plane."
"Ahh really, dam! I'll help you Ellie."
"Thanks" we grabbed our things and walked out of the plane, he started holding my waist as we waited for our bags, and to be honest it was kind of nice to have someone holding you the way he held met.
"Harry what's going to happen when we step outside? I mean we have contact details but what if this is just a one off and it's not going to be the same?" "It's going to be hectic out there Ellie but I have never felt this way before, your special, I really want to stay close with you. I could never forget spending the last day with you" It was to good to be true he was perfect.

As the doors opened all the screaming fans made our hearing explode he said a quick goodbye and was taken away by his security guards then I was left to deal with all the crying girls hating on me.

"Ellie!!!!!!! I have missed you so much omg how was it!?"
We continued catching up all the way home and I was so glad to have her around, I told her about Harry and she was in great disbelief, "wow speaking of the devil!" '1 New Text Message, Hey Ellie I'm so sorry about just leaving you like that. I hope your with your friend now, safe. I really wanna see you again. Let me know as soon as your free! Harry x'. We screamed, this is reality and I loved it.

'1 New Message, Hey Harry! Yes I'm fine, I'm with my friend now and I'm safe:) I really want to see you to, I have no idea what's planned for this weekend but I really think we should catch up! Miss you already :) Ellie x'

She was so sweet, everything about her, I sound like a love crazy physco but I never ever have felt this way about a girl. "Oo Harry dish the dirt. By the way care to explain where the hell you were the whole ride?" "Sorry lou I met this girl and we got on so well and yeah she's real awesome." "Thats a bit of a shitty way to explain what has happened." "Haha what you mean??" "She's real awesome? Harry she's gorgeous!" "How do you know!?" "I snooped through your phone hehe" "of course you did Louis .."
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