You Don't Know - ((1D))

(Rated Green, not sure if I can promise that)
Harry has a sister, we all know that, Gemma. But she's not his only sister... E is his sister as well. She's a normal girl, who life's in a normal town, all in all, normal. Harry has no clue, but E does. What will happen? Who is E? How is she connected? Maybe she isn't that normal after all... Read to find out. -Sarah-


3. Shit.

Louis was in the driver seat and I was in the passenger seat. In all happened so quickly. The silver car drove right in to us, from behind. The last thing I remember before every thing went black, was "I love you" I would have said it back, but I couldn't, then silence.

Harry's POV

We were getting prepared to see Lou and El, it was Saturday and we were all kind of in a good mood. *Riiiiiiing* that's my phone... "Hello, it's Harry" I said "Hello Harry, are you in any way related to Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Styles?" Wait wut? "Yeah" I just said "There have been a car accident, there at the hospital nearby" "Ok thanks" I said, while running to the living room. Tears were forming in my eyes. "Harry, what's wrong?" Liam said as soon as he saw me. "Car... Accident... Lou...El...Hospital..." I managed to choke out "We gotta go, I'm driving" Liam said. The other boys followed us. But there's one thing I don't understand... Eleanor Styles?

Eleanor's POV

I woke up at the hospital. Shit. Now everyone must know my secret. You see, the name Calder is just my cover up, I'm actually a Styles. On everything (my passport, my yeah you know, everything) it says Calder, but the police and hospital knows. Fuck. By my side Louis laid, awake. Halle fuckin' luja. "Babe, you're awake" I said. "Yeah" he just said... wierd "What's wrong?" I asked "Why did the nurse call you Styles?" He asked, ignoring my question. "It's complicated" I just said "Got lots of time, just tell my, please" he said, well here goes nothing "Fist of all, I'm adopted. Second of all, I'm a Styles. Third of all, Harry doesn't know" I said. Simple, but accurate. "So, you're my best friend's sister and he doesn't know?" He said, sounding a bit shocked, I would be to. "Yeah". "I'm not mad" he said. Then the door opened, and in came Harry.
Too short, I know. Not checked for mistakes, sorry -Sarah-
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