You Don't Know - ((1D))

(Rated Green, not sure if I can promise that)
Harry has a sister, we all know that, Gemma. But she's not his only sister... E is his sister as well. She's a normal girl, who life's in a normal town, all in all, normal. Harry has no clue, but E does. What will happen? Who is E? How is she connected? Maybe she isn't that normal after all... Read to find out. -Sarah-


2. Friendly introduction

I woke up at shit O' clock:( Another day playing pretend, here we go. Next to me in the bed, was my wonderful boyfriend. Oh gawd, I should tell him... no he will hate me. It might sound a lot worse than it is, I'm not dying or something. Harry fucking Styles is my brother, but hey, not a big deal right?

I stood up, ready to go to work. I took a grey sweatshirt on and some black skinny jeans. Here we go. I walked over to my car, and drove to the big, black building. I always feel ashamed when I'm in here, my life is a lie. Oh well, I walked over to my boss' office. “Hello” I said “Hello there” he said back. I walked out again.... Weird, I didn't have any appointments today? That ment I could just drive home. My job is... Weird, if I don't have an appointment, I drive home.

My boyfriend were still sleeping “Hey babe, no appointments, I can stay home” I whispered softly in to his ear. “Yay” he said in his tired morning voice. “We're going to see the other boys today” he said.

Oh I almost forgot, I'm Eleanor Calder.
Haven't been checked, sorry. Way too short, sorry -Sarah-
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