You Don't Know - ((1D))

(Rated Green, not sure if I can promise that)
Harry has a sister, we all know that, Gemma. But she's not his only sister... E is his sister as well. She's a normal girl, who life's in a normal town, all in all, normal. Harry has no clue, but E does. What will happen? Who is E? How is she connected? Maybe she isn't that normal after all... Read to find out. -Sarah-


1. And so it begins...

Hi, my name is E, I'm just a normal 20 years old girl, or that's what people thinks, actually I'm not normal, not even in society, that's a different story. I'm Harry Styles' unknown sister. I was given away the minute I was born... Harry don't even know, he will never, ever know.
Obviously this is not a chapter, just the start. Prepare for a... Different story..
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