This story is about a girl whose life is a lot different to other girls. Arizona Demetri's father and sister died in a car crash when she was 5 and her mother started going out leaving Arizona on her own. One day arizona's mother appeared home with a man, a man who hated children. This man chucked Arizona out onto the streets. There she finds a gang, a gang who loves her and takes care of her. But how much trouble will this gang get her into?



As soon as I reach my room I feel bad calling mum those things. I do hate her for bringing Gary home. He isn't even that nice, bald head, tattoos, beard, patchy jeans: YUCK! I better go say sorry or mum will probably stay up all night crying. I tiptoe down the stairs quietly and put my head to the door, I hear mum and Gary talking,
" I am NOT living with that little BRAT even if she is ya daughter, I luv ya Amelie I really do but I can't be ya boyfriend wiv 'er around!" Gary moans.
"Oh Gary I love you too, I couldn't give you up even for my daughter!" Mum simpers, " what do you suggest we do I don't have any relatives!" Gary snorts,
" I dunno put 'er in care, send 'er off to one of my relatives or we could just chuck 'er out!" He says. I push the door open horrified,
" Mum, you wouldn't chuck me out, not for him, would you?" I say. Gary glares at me,
" yeah she would and ya won't hav' a say in the matter, I mean more to Amelie than ya eva' hav alright?" Mum looks shocked but doesn't say anything. I glare at him,
" yeah you really think so?" I ask him, " mum would NEVER EVER let YOU chuck me out, would you mum?" I look at mum expectantly. She bows her head,
" Look Arizona, I love you, I really do but I love Gary too," mum says, " I'm so sorry but do what Gary tells you, I want you out by 11am tomorrow morning." I feel dizzy,
"I'll go pack then, I never really expected you to choose me over HIM!" I walk up the stairs feeling terrible. I pack all my clothes into a camping rucksack along with my secret stash of sweets and fizzy juice, my purse that contained £30.45 and my make up, toiletries, phone, blanket, books and a photo album of when dad and Skye were still alive. I sadly set my alarm for 8am and climbed
into bed.
RRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!! I yawn and climb out of bed. I drag on jeans and a warn hoodie, tie my hair up and put on my beloved Doc Martens. I then haul on my rucksack grab my handbag and go down the stairs. I walk into the kitchen. Mum is sitting at the table sipping tea, a sad look in her eyes. I turn away from her and put Frosties into a bowl,
"Arizona, I'm so sorry, really I am, I really love you it's just I really love Gary too." She says guiltily.
"I love you too mum and I'll really miss you but I can't stay while Gary's here." I say sadly. We hug.
" AMELIE, is she gone yet?" Gary yells. Mum winced,
"She's just going dear!" Mum says gently.
"Ok, you'd better go Arizona ya little brat!" Gary yells back. I sigh and stare at mum for a moment then walk to the front door take one last look at my family home then step out and slam the door behind me. I run until I reach the park then sit down on a bench and cry and cry and cry.
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