This story is about a girl whose life is a lot different to other girls. Arizona Demetri's father and sister died in a car crash when she was 5 and her mother started going out leaving Arizona on her own. One day arizona's mother appeared home with a man, a man who hated children. This man chucked Arizona out onto the streets. There she finds a gang, a gang who loves her and takes care of her. But how much trouble will this gang get her into?



"ARIZONA, I'm going out I'll be back about 12!" I hear mum yelling up the stairs and groan, another night of worry and anxiety. My mum goes out loads, every weekend night to the club down the road. She gets all dressed up in tiny dresses and full make up, drinks loads and comes home shouting and angry. I hate it, I wish mum could be like normal mums, you know baking chocolate tray bakes and collecting you from school. She used to be like that but she changed when dad and Skye died in the car crash. I know if social services found out I'd be straight out of here and into a care home! I sigh as I hear the door slam and mum's posh Subaru speed up the street. She always leaves popcorn and loads of movies but she always buys salt not sweet and movies I've seen a million times before, she's useless but I never say so. I shuffle downstairs and switch on the T.V, turn onto the X Factor, open a pack of popcorn and try to enjoy my Saturday night. I don't. Instead I watch the X factor till the end then end up pacing up and down the sitting room thinking of things that might happen to mum in the club. She might get arrested, or hurt really badly, or killed or meet a man. No that can't happen, if mum meets a man then she'll get all starry eyed and forget about her daughter. I glance at the clock, 12am. The lock clicks on the door and mum walks in. A strange deep voice says "do ya think the little brat is still awake?" My heart sinks.
"Arizona dear, are you still awake" says mum from the hall.
Yeah, why?" I ask anxiously. I can hear shuffling and the sitting room door opens,
"Arizona I would like you to meet my boyfriend Gary!" My mouth drops open and I yell at mum,
"MUM YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER GET A BOYFRIEND AFTER DAD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING, YOU'RE A USELESS MUM AND I HATE YOU!! I storm out the room and slam the door, as I make my way up the stairs I hear Gary say "I told ya kids were evil little bratsl
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