Cristin is back! When she met Harry Styles, her life changed. she liked Niall at first, and wanted to make him jealous by dating Harry. But now, she felt more with Harry than Niall. Find out more by reading Hazza.


3. Revenge

"UGGHH! GET OFF OF ME!" Marissa squealed. My heart was pounding louder than a drum.
Marissa threw a punch, but i squirmed away and her fist hit the floor.
But Marissa threw another punch, and her fist hit me across the face. I lost conscienceness.
It has been about five minutes since i have passed out. I finally woke up to a message on the phone. "Hiya, Cristin. Its Marissa. If you try to save your Hazza Bear, he will be gone by the time you get here. And I mean, the dead kind of gone. And I am watching you. More than you think."
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