Cristin is back! When she met Harry Styles, her life changed. she liked Niall at first, and wanted to make him jealous by dating Harry. But now, she felt more with Harry than Niall. Find out more by reading Hazza.


4. Missing you.

I reached out to grab my cell. Its still ringing. Finally, he picks up," Helloo?" His soft, yet gruff British voice said. "Hazza, where are you? I miss you already!" I cried back. "Uh. In a cage." "Very helpful!!! What street? I miss you! I am coming to get you!" "19 Varrily Way, London!! And hurry!! She might kill me!" Oh no! Im missing you Hazza!! I start running to Varrily Way. I finally got to the street. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20? There is no 19 'Harry, there isn't a 19 Varrily Way! I only saw 1-18, then they skipped 19, and went to 20!!' I texted him. 'You see that HUGE space between 18 and 20? Its in there! HURRY!' He texted back. I run to the space. A door! I looked for an opening and ran in! That BRAT! Harry is in a cage over fire! I snuck in and stole the keys to Harry's cage off of her keychain. I tossed them to Harry, then i jumped at Marissa.
Harry leaped out of the cage on to solid ground. Harry runs outside, and beckons for me to run too. We lock Marissa inside her house by, locking the door, then breaking the knob. We ran back to Harry's place. "VICTORY!" Harry screamed. I laughed. I love that guy!
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