Cristin is back! When she met Harry Styles, her life changed. she liked Niall at first, and wanted to make him jealous by dating Harry. But now, she felt more with Harry than Niall. Find out more by reading Hazza.


2. Hazza, PLEASE!!

Hazza is one of the people who makes me happy. He is always there for me. "Cristin, my love, I will do whatever it takes to protect you. You are my love, and I wat you to never get hurt. If someone wants you, they better go through me first!" Harry spoke with his perfect and deep British accent.
"Harry," I spoke with my not cool American accent. "I know you will protect me. I love you in ways i cannot discribe. Your curly hair makes me die. Your accent makes me cry a little. And I love you more than anything." "Oh how sweet!" I heard a girls British accent say. "I hate sweet." What a snob! I thought. She must be from an all girls rich school. "Hazza come on!" How does she know Harry's nickname? "Cris, this is Marissa. Marissa, this is Cris, my girlfriend." Marissa's nose scrunched up when she heard the word Girlfriend. "Cris, Marissa was my best friend from kindergarten. We did everything together. When she told me she liked me in middle school, i said 'why cant we just stay friends' and we haven't been friends ever since." "Yeah, and now I want to kill your little Hazza." Marissa grunted. As she pulled Harry away I screamed, "NO HAZZA! MARISSA PLEASE!!! HAR IS MINE!!" Then i jumped at her.
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