kamala sits all day by the mystical fountain waiting for her halo: a halo is someone your destined to be with fo all eternity. kamala and her people also live on earth, but not ours. They never die and last forever; when Kamala finaly finds her halo an evil demon comes and tears the immortals world apart and people walk the lonely forests searching for their missing halos; back on our earth Rydion (kamala's halo) has been banashed through out the ages...... will he ever find her.


2. 8 stems later

chapter 1

He watched Kamala everyday and never took his eyes of her, he was very skinny and didn't look like much but his eyes were hypnotising, and his face was kind and gentle. he knew at once he had found his and headed towards the fountain were Kamala lay sleeping. he was nine years older than her but because you live forever on 'earth', age simply dosn't matter and simply doesn't come between halos. as he got closer he felt it, what he had journeyed for but that's a whole over story; suddenly out of nowhere the sky seemed to open up and people were screaming. Kamala woke up immediately only to find the forests being torn apart in tornados and earth quakes, she couldn't get up as the ground was shaking to hard. she looked round but couldn't see anything, she crawled to the statue, shut her eyes tightly and hung on. she had no idea what was going on only that her beautiful world was being ripped and destroye, that's when it stopped and the sky opened up revealing a dark demon with his head bowed. this demon resembled a man and he looked normal to be honest but his presence would give you goose bumps, and if he could do that then Kamala thought she had better stay away. Everybody was equal in this world and they had no kings or leaders but everybody pretty much thought the same that they didn't like this man and that they should do something about it.


People came out from their hiding places and looked upon the forest, it was heart breking to see all the lovley water falls, trees and the natural place being burned and taken away. people lay dead on the floor with men and women weeping at there sides.                                                                                                                                                                                                           "who are you" spoke a man confidently standing up. the dark man looked up and people gasped and hid thier faces at the sight of this mans face, half of his face was disfigured and burnt while his eyes were blood red with black dots that could take your soul. "who am i" replied the demon in a whispered chilling voice that would torment and stay with you forever. "You don't recognise me; after all i've done, after what i've been through". More immortals had come out shaking and screaming, for what they hadn't noticed is that some halos were being torn apart, and some halos were missing. He repeated himself louder and angrier this time, "You don't recognise me after all i've done, after what i've been through".

" Wh....yyy don't you tell mm.........mmee" the man replied more scared. This is when Kamala noticed him, the man that had been watching her; you see in all the fuss and tornados, he had been knocked over and flung to one side by a flying branch. He met her gaze and that's when it happened, their transformation began.  

He started to run but the demon noticed and lifted his hand up in the air and an over sized tree root lept up in the and grabbed his ankle; he fell on to the ground but the transformation had already taken place. Kamala stared down at herself in amazment; she had long bright red hair and she felt the fire run through her, she let out a scream and fire leapt off of her body on to the ground, She turned to face the demon and sent a fire ball his way, to try and knock him down, but it was too late, the new and improved  super strong Rydian, Kamala's halo had been taken to another world and she would probaly never see him again.                                                                             

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