kamala sits all day by the mystical fountain waiting for her halo: a halo is someone your destined to be with fo all eternity. kamala and her people also live on earth, but not ours. They never die and last forever; when Kamala finaly finds her halo an evil demon comes and tears the immortals world apart and people walk the lonely forests searching for their missing halos; back on our earth Rydion (kamala's halo) has been banashed through out the ages...... will he ever find her.


1. proulouge


There was once a wold, identical  to ours, where people had more than a family bond; a loyal friendshipand a love desire, every one had a halo: their ultimate partner, who could be anyone in the world, as long as they felt a bond so strong it was another pat of their soul.

Our story brings us to this world. I'm going to tell you how all the halos died out and how one pair had such a connection, that no matter what (it didnt matter what time they were in, or who tore them apart, they would always find eachother. The people of this world also called thie world Earth and was very similar throughout the ages, up until our time, there was technology, just like our world but it didnt advance as much;for their world liked the tradtional, and thier traditional was a beautiful, wonderful and magical world; that was until the halos died out.

The date was 1066 for us the battle of hastings, for them the world was normal; they evolved slower then us so still lived in the forrests. Surronding them were the beautiful, slender and enormous trees- with leaves so green and huge they never fell. at the centre of the 'earth' was a fountain; a fountain that they said gave them life, for they didnt believe in evolution or God like we do. The fountain to you or me, would look like a normal everyday fountain you would find but if you looked closer, you would see the diamonds sparkle and the stone women on the statue move thier heads and smile.the water was said to be magical, not once had it ever stopped flowing, if you touched the water your were cursed and you led a poor life. 

watching the water flow from it and into the sparkling pool, Kamala sat there thinking. One whole stem(month to you or me) since her 16th had gone and she hadn't found her halo. She thought she might never find her halo, for some don't, and she thought she might have to settle for love, which wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to find herself, or another part of herself, beacuse she had seen so many lonley people who had spent thier eternity alone, that weren't complete, and she dint want to end up like that. She closed her eyes and fiddled with her lifeless brown hair that she hated; why is everything so magical and mysterious and i'm just dull and boring, she got up as she had heard Jasmin calling her name. Jasmin was her friend; nobody had mothers and fathers, but they could have brothers or sisters but Jasmin was her friend. Jasmin had found her halo and she changed, and not just in a mentally way but physically to. Jasmin grew taller and prettier, Kamala also noticed Jasmin's eyes darkened, while Jasmin's halo (Clad) gained super natural powers and could fly. Seeing one of her friends transformations made her want her halo even more and that is why Kamala had spent everyday since her 16th sitting by the fountain watching the diamonds glisten.  


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