5. The Faked Death

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  • Published: 2 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2013
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AMY: I’m so sorry Rory; I just can’t give it up…

The Flood has started a war, and the Doctor is stuck. He devises a plan to send two people home in a spacesuit. Harpal and Amy take on the challenge, much to Rory’s anger. The Doctor tries to hide Harpal in his school, but something waits on the train…


2. The Watered Train








Suddenly the train rocks more and the light turns off. Lots of people scream and cry.


AMY: Harpal! Get away!


Glass shatters and everyone crouches down in fear. The lights flicker back on.


HARPAL: Amy? Amy! Where are you?


Harpal looks forward and sees Amy surrounded my flood miners and policemen. One turns round to Harpal.


POLICE OFFICER: You are Harpal Khambay.


HARPAL: I already know that. Let this train and these people go!


POLICE OFFICER: Tell us the location of the Doctor and we will let you’re friend and these commoners go.


HARPAL: Argh! Why do you want to invade us! The Doctor can’t let you do this! Know one will, do you think the human race will want to look like you? A drooling water machine?


POLICE OFFICER: Humans are like shells, they need our existence, and we need their bodies to live! Why should we die?


HARPAL: You are stealing people’s lives and souls! That isn’t right!


POLICE OFFICER: The flood does not care for humans!


HARPAL: Clearly. Let Amy go!




Harpal pulls out his phone and holds it to the flood.


HARPAL: Do you know what this is?


The flood stares blankly.


HARPAL: This is an electronic device. I could cut the wires, and throw it at you and then you will go up in sparks. You’re choice.




RORY: What do you mean you haven’t thought about what may happen if the flood goes to Harpal’s school? That’s barbaric!


THE DOCTOR: Harpal’s clever he will know what to do.


RORY: You can’t rely on him all the time, this weight of travelling with you, its tough the amount of times you could die every day. If the flood goes to his school then he may be in a position of watching his friends die!


THE DOCTOR: He chose-


RORY: Maybe you should persuade him not too. Time and space, you lose it, you end up losing you’re life. Do you know what went through my head when Amy left on the night before our wedding? My happiness was lost because of time and space because of this TARDIS, and in other words because of you! I still remember fragments of scenes and times of when she left.


THE DOCTOR: She didn’t tell me-


RORY: She may not have done, but this conversation started because of Harpal! I am telling you now, you keep relying on him and soon he will lose his life! His family! He wanted to be a writer! And maybe now he will never get a chance to be!


THE DOCTOR: This is a time machine I can go back-


RORY: That’s not the point! You barely know him! And before you have the chance to go back you relying on him all the time, will-




RORY: Will eventually kill him!




HARPAL: Let her go. Or are release the sparks.


POLICE OFFICER: You cannot scare us. We are water, we roll down cliff tops and mountains and gorges and waterfalls, and fill to create destruction and flood and death.                                                               


HARPAL: You are just are murderers. How could you do this to people? It’s treacherous.


POLICE OFFICER: The girl shall share our glory.


AMY: Over my dead body.


POLICE OFFICER: Then it shall be, today you shall drown in our fire.


HARPAL: Well, well, you, you can’t drown in, in fire. Dummy!


AMY: You are just like Rory, I didn’t mean insult them!


HARPAL: My weapon is words, and sometimes, occasionally, blackmail.


AMY: Not bad.


POLICE OFFICER: You shall not prevail in you’re plan.


HARPAL: Really? Don’t talk wet!


Harpal picks up a pedestrians (Young man) phone, takes of the back and rips the wires, then throws it at the police officer, he sparks, shakes then dies.


PEDESTRIAN: Oi you wretch!


HARPAL: I am unhappy but I am not despicable!


PEDESTRIAN: What the hell?


HARPAL: It’s the definition of wretch idiot!


PEDESTRIAN: Look who’s a geek.


HARPAL: Amy get-


AMY: I have been standing next to you for a while.


HARPAL: Oh, well done.


PEDESTRIAN: Well hello red head.


AMY: (nervously) Hi.


HARPAL: Oh, p-lease! She’s already married! Now-


PEDESTRIAN 2: (old lady) Get down my dears!


Water shoots through the glass door at the end of the carriage. The flood creatures shatter the doors and climb out onto the walls.


HARPAL: They’ve gone, whoa!


When Harpal says “whoa” the whole train rocks side-to-side and backward and forward. Everyone screams and rolls on the floor. People grab onto poles to avoid falling into the water.


AMY: Harpal! Hold on!


Kate is standing near a window on Harpal’s left, she pushes forward and the train rolls off the rails on dangles over the right side of the bridge. Harpal grabs onto a pole, his hands are slipping, and if he lets go he will fall into the water.


HARPAL: Er, Amy! I, I am slipping!


Amy tries to reach over from the other side of the carriage.


AMY: Hold on!


HARPAL: It’s a bit difficult!


AMY: I can’t reach!


HARPAL: Come on!


AMY: It’s a bit difficult!


HARPAL: Well you’re not that clingy!


AMY: Very funny.


Amy screams and puts her other hand back on her pole because she nearly slips.




Suddenly there is a rumble, and the Doctor looks on the scanner. They are sinking into the beam.


RORY: How long? My wife is down there! And what about Harpal?


THE DOCTOR: He won’t.


RORY: What?


THE DOCTOR: Rory I will look after him, he is not going to die. I promise.


RORY: You can’t know that! People want to impress you like I said in Venice, this won’t end well. For all you know he could be on his last legs right now!




HARPAL: Amy Pond, I am going to put this gently. Could you hurry up? I am not going to turn into one of those water thingy’s! And I tell you now, I don’t want to look like that!


AMY: What then you’re girlfriend will dump you?


HARPAL: I don’t care about that stupid made up story! If I am about to die, I care about trying to stay alive! Argh!


AMY: It’s not really dying-


HARPAL: I die and that water thing inhabits my body! How close to death do you want?


AMY: Dead with no hope of reanimation.


HARPAL: Who are you Frankenstein?


AMY: No!


HARPAL: Rory may disagree.


AMY: Do you want to be saved or not?


Harpal’s left hand slips off the pole. Amy reaches forward more.


AMY: Harpal! No! Hold on! Please! Please don’t die!


HARPAL: Whoa! Whoa! Amy Pond help me right now! I’m slipping! Help me, then I wont die!


AMY: Please don’t fall, hold, hold on!




THE DOCTOR: I need to put the power back on; I need to track Amy and Harpal on the scanner!


RORY: If you do that, we will never get released from these people!


THE DOCTOR: So one minute it’s all he’s going to die, and now you want to risk Amy and Harpal’s lives? I wont let him die!


RORY: Being human to me means working as a community together!


THE DOCTOR: So Amy and Harpal might die and you don’t want me to help them?


RORY: If we turn the power back on then we will never be free, now we have a chance. It’s them or humanity!


THE DOCTOR: We are talking about Amy Pond here, the love of you’re life!


RORY: I don’t know what to do! Can I sacrifice Earth for Amy?


THE DOCTOR: What are you saying?


Rory goes dizzy, and then talks in a faint Dalek voice.


RORY: Kill.


THE DOCTOR: Rory what?


RORY: Kill Amy. Kill Harpal. Kill them all.


THE DOCTOR: Rory? Rory! What are you doing?


RORY: I, I, don’t, don’t, don’t know, know, know.


Rory throws his head back up and then turns back to normal.


RORY: What, what did I just say?


THE DOCTOR: I have no idea.




AMY: Ok, Harpal, look at me, look at me, stay calm, I am not going to let you fall. Try and keep calm.


HARPAL: How am I meant to keep calm? I could die any minute!


The train jolts and another carriage gets pushed.




AMY: Harpal!


PEDESTRIAN: (Man) Chick!




HARPAL: Argh! I’m-


Harpal slips and falls.


AMY: No! Harpal!


Harpal falls and yells. He falls on his back at the end of the carriage dodging the water. But at where the end and the floor meet, the water collects. Harpal dodges it.


AMY: Are you ok?


HARPAL: So much for I am not going to let you fall!


AMY: I – Argh! Help!


Amy is slipping off the pole too. She flings herself onto the pole Harpal was holding before, but she is still slipping.


HARPAL: Amy! Don’t die! That would be like, well, bad.


AMY: Help! I’m slipping!


Kate emerges at the window next to Amy, Amy gets scared and she falls turns and Harpal tries to catch her. She falls on top of him.


HARPAL: Ow! Again? Really? Get off!


AMY: Sorry.


Amy rolls off onto her back. Another carriage gets rolled of the train and people scream and fall.


AMY: Don’t worry! We will get out of this!


Kate breaks in through the window at the top of the carriage, and stands there. Water from her feet trickle down the floor to Harpal and Amy.


KATE: And now, finally, you shall taste the glory, of the waters of Mars!




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