A Penny for Every Secret

Ami Rosetta Stone has many secrets she does not yet know about, first of all, when she wishes for something, it ALWAYS comes true. When other people wish for something and she snaps her fingers, their wishes come true, and probably the weirdest, when someone from Egypt, Persia, or Arabia comes to her area, she's always picked for their translator. Why? She understands their words perfectly. What's Ami's secret? She's the Eternal Being.


2. Stupid Lamp Story

   I was 15 then, and now I'm 19. Nothing at ALL has changed. I'm still mute, and I'm still picked on by everyone from school. Well, most everybody. My last year of school a new girl arrived and she found me cool, even as a mute. She stood up for me and beat up the ones that insulted both of us. Her name was Delphi, and honestly, I was able to become a bit talkative around her, even if it was only quiet talkative.

   One day, Delphi and I were hanging out and she wanted to tell me one of the funny stories that I always tried to crack up about when I heard them.

    "So, three girls, a brunette, a red-head, and a blonde find a magic lamp, right? So they rub the magic lamp, a genie pops out and tells the girls that if they jump off a cliff, whatever they say, they will turn into. So the brunette runs, jumps off the cliff, says 'crow', turns into a crow and flies away. The red-head runs, jumps, says 'fairy', turns into a fairy and flies away. Now, the blonde, she runs, trips, falls off the cliff, says 'crap'." she told me. Usually, I would laugh at these dumb blonde jokes, but the genie part was just plain offensive. It's DJINN, not genie, and they don't live in lamps, they live like normal people! Wait, how do I know this crap?! I just shook the thought off and glared at Delphi.

     "Okay, sorry, I know that the genie part is offensive to djinn, but that's just how it goes!" she said, holding her hands up in surrender. I giggled a bit before grabbing my journal and writing an entry.

     April 19th 2013: Hanging out with Delphi. She just offended the Djinn society, and I didn't like it. Don't know why though... : /

    I stood up and wandered upstairs to my room to listen to One Direction and stare at my posters. I put my iPhone on my color-changing iHome that was a Christmas wish, and flipped to my 1D playlist, turning on "Same Mistakes". I dealt with it and threw myself onto my 1D comforter. Yes, you could say I was a dedicated Directioner, but then again, my boyfriend WAS- well, you know what, you'll find out later. Now, where was I... oh yeah!

     "Directioner much?" Delphi said from the doorway while I was staring at my Louis Tomlinson posters. I whipped my head around and glared at her. I didn't let ANYBODY know I was a Directioner. I never wore my 1D shirts to school uncovered, and I tried not to doodle ARS+LWT in a giant heart in my notebooks. I rolled my eyes and cuddled with my 10' Louis pillow. Delphi laughed and sat beside me.

   "Chillax Ami, I'm a Directioner too. I can already tell Louis is your favorite, so I might as well tell you mine! Niall is my favorite cause he's different than the others, and different is cute!" she told me. I grinned cause Niall was my second favorite. I fell off my bed to my knees and reached under to pull out my collection of magazines. I showed Delphi all of my favorite articles while we listened to the music. Soon enough, I heard a knock at my door. I ran downstairs and braced myself for anything bad, like the kids from school coming over to make fun of me. After I took a deep breath, I flung the door open and the unexpected was standing there, a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

   "HEY, AMI! WHO'S AT THE DOOR!?!" Delphi shouted from upstairs. I heard her footsteps and soon enough, she saw him. She gasped and walked up beside me. She looked at me like "Why did you never tell me?!" I continued to stare at the person at the door and soon, a tear was rolling down my left cheek. All the memories came back and I was able to choke out the next few words.

   "What do you want from me?" Delphi stared at me and grinned like an idiot, knowing I had said something to him, who she thought was a stranger. His chocolate brown eyes melted into me, and soon enough, more tears rolled as I ran into the arms of my ex-boyfriend. Delphi looked at us confused as I hugged him.

   "It's alright Ami... I'm right here..." he whispered in my ear, stroking my hair protectively. Delphi just stood there, gaping at us, and she had the right to, because she had no flipping clue that Zayn Malik was my ex-boyfriend.

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