A Penny for Every Secret

Ami Rosetta Stone has many secrets she does not yet know about, first of all, when she wishes for something, it ALWAYS comes true. When other people wish for something and she snaps her fingers, their wishes come true, and probably the weirdest, when someone from Egypt, Persia, or Arabia comes to her area, she's always picked for their translator. Why? She understands their words perfectly. What's Ami's secret? She's the Eternal Being.


3. Amira "Ami" Rosetta Stone

   So, since we've gotten into the story, I thought I would introduce myself and, describe myself in fact!


Name: Amira Rosetta Stone

Nicknames:Ami, Rose, AmiRose, Stony, RoseStone

Age: 18

Appearance: Long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles

Clothes: Jean jacket, tee shirts, ruffle skirts, jeggings, high lace-up boots

Hairstyles: fishtail braid, messy bun, pigtail braids, lazy braid (a bunch of elastics pulling hair back into what looks like a sloppy braid, just without the pattern)

Make-Up: Almost none, but just enough to cover my insecurities, such as blemishes and my "pucker fish lips" as my bullies call them.


-food is curry

-color is red, green, or orange

-song is "Tell Me A Lie" by 1D

-band is 1D or Paramore

Celeb Crush: WAS Zayn Malik, now it's Louis Tomlinson

Pet Peeve: Stupid Djinn "GENIE" Lamp stories.


   That's it! I hope to catch up with you later! BYE!

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