A Penny for Every Secret

Ami Rosetta Stone has many secrets she does not yet know about, first of all, when she wishes for something, it ALWAYS comes true. When other people wish for something and she snaps her fingers, their wishes come true, and probably the weirdest, when someone from Egypt, Persia, or Arabia comes to her area, she's always picked for their translator. Why? She understands their words perfectly. What's Ami's secret? She's the Eternal Being.


1. Prologue

   "Get your ass out of my house!" I screamed, tears streaming down my face. My boyfriend looked at me with his stone cold eyes and stared me down.

   "Mark my words Ami, your future wishes will become your worst nightmares!" he muttered before slamming the front door on his way out. When I heard his car leave the driveway, I threw myself onto my couch and cried into one of the pillows, not even bothering to remember he left his jacket.

   Already, I missed his warmth, his comfort. I knew I should just forget him, but it was hard. His smile had been etched into the back of my mind, along with his face and his voice. His British accent rang clearly through my head, and the song he always sang to me was not going anywhere. I already had enough to deal with, like living alone after the death of my parents when I was 11, and my siblings hating me for all eternity and blaming me for our parents' deaths, and now, my first ever boyfriend breaking up with me. I had no friends. Nobody really liked me. I was always hit with at least one spitball each class. I sat in the back of the class to avoid being picked to answer a question. Worst of all, I became mute after that day.

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