Sophia has lost both her parents within months. With her only companion her boat, Sorin, Sophia embarks on a voyage that will lead her to mystical lands far above your imagination. Will she be able to let go of things that hold her back and let the spirits truly guide her? Will she be able to achieve her dreams and reach her destiny before it's too late. This is an entry for the young movellist of the year so please like/ fav and give me some feedback! :)


3. Rumble in the Jungle

Jonders mopped his face as we trekked back through the forest. The colours were so vivid, the sound of birds above my head so trilling. My senses were filled with the humid smells and exotic fragrances of the fruits and orchids growing there. Jonders seemed quite stresses, and I was too. I had been on the island for at least two hours now, and I still hadn’t found the next step to my destiny. I had lost Cisco all together and I was now storming through the jungle with some mad scientist. What a brilliant day it had been all together! When you’re used to doing things quickly, like I am, being patient isn’t a skill that comes particularly naturally! Although, you would think that I’d have to wait for the wind to change into the right direction, to travel where I want to travel to, but I don’t actually have a real destination yet so that isn’t much of a problem. I like the idea of going with the wind, and flying free, discovering what I discover.

But for some reason, just now I couldn’t discover or even rediscover anything. Well I mean it isn’t like a big boulder can just disappear is it? I’m sure we’ve passed this tree at least twice already, oh well, keep walking and pretend you know where you’re going Sophia, “It was just round here somewhere,” Jonders was getting fed up and you could tell by the way he slumped his back as he walked slowly along the path. I kept walking, I had to find that boulder, it had to be around here somewhere, and it just had to be. I was not letting this Jonders fella win. I know there is someone else on this island, and I’m determined that I will find them.

Inside the jungle, the air had a gloomy green glow and smelled like rotting vegetables. The trek had taken just over forty minutes now, and even I was beginning to get bored, I was quite prepared to give up, “Ok, fair enough, I can’t find it for you right now but, why don’t we get something to eat and find it later.” I always think better on a full stomach and anyway, I hadn’t eaten since dinner time the previous night and it was now two o’clock in the afternoon. I could tell not by the sun’s position in the sky but by the amount of noise my stomach was making as it rumbled. “Hmm,” Jonders moaned, although he did seem quite satisfied. “Well I have not got any food have I?” Jonders said.  “What are you looking at me for?” “Oh I was just hoping you could enlighten me on where the nearest fast food store is?” I said sarcastically. “What do you normally do for food?” I asked. “Well depends which animal you have hunted. Some you fry and some you stew. The real question is, do you fancy, mammals, reptiles, or insects?” “Umm, is there a none of the above vegetarian option?” “Yes sure, there’s some bamboo just there you can try if you fancy!”

About five minutes later we were on the beach, the only safe place to light a fire around here, and Jonders was sat just a meter or so from the tide line. I was sat looking at him, and concentrating on his highly focused face, he was trying light a fire. I sighed, “So Jonders, how exactly do you cook bamboo?” He chuckled in an all too familiar way. “Aren’t you going to eat it raw then?” This time it was my turn to laugh at him, “Looks that way, I mean can you actually light a fire?” “I don’t see you trying exactly! You know I’m not actually going to cook whatever it is that you want to eat! I am just going to cook these locusts, and then I’m off to document more about my turtles.” “Oh, ok then! Be that way, I’ll just go and use the oven on Sorin.” And I marched off towards the edge of the beach. “I was prepared to give his bamboo stuff a go but, if he is going to be like that, well then, he won’t be having any of that popcorn, I have stashed away in one of the two cupboards on Sorin. It is my favourite food, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like popcorn. It’s one of those snacks that everyone likes because you can have it sweet or savoury I also love how it is always warm. If I could only take three things to a desert island, I would take popcorn, a microwave and more popcorn. I guess in some ways you could say I’m a bit of a popcorn addict. I love the way it pops and pops as though it will never stop, and then suddenly don’t hear a pop for a few seconds, and that’s when you have to take it out. Although it has always seemed strange to me, because I take the popcorn out and then it continues to pop as I pour it into the bowl. Although sometimes I just eat it from the bag, I’ve burnt myself doing that a couple of times. But out at sea, you don’t need to add salt, because it’s in the air.

I wandered back outside two minutes later with popcorn in hand and strolled towards Jonders, he looked up from his now burning fire, upon which he was continuing to roast a blackened insect. He glanced up, “Hi!” and then he did a double take and looked back up at me, setting his little wooden skewer on fire in the process as he took his attention away from the fire. The scene sounded a little like this, “Wait, have you got…” Then he saw the burning skewer below, “AGGH!” He screamed and then ran off down the beach, “Well I’m quite happy to wait but I actually think it would be quite nice if the least you could do is finish your sentence!” and I sat down on the pink sand, basking in the sunlight and the warmth of the fire and munching happily on my popcorn.


When Jonders had finished putting out the small fire he had begun on a skewer, he returned to the beach and looked at me as if to say, “You could have told me.” And then he said, “I wish you would’ve told me, I haven’t had popcorn in years!” and then he reached over as if to grab some popcorn out of my bag, which I quickly retreated from him sending popcorn flying all around me and into the sand. I gave a satisfied grin and continued munching. “Give me the popcorn.” He said. “No!” I replied and stuck my tongue out at him, “Why should I?” because I really want some and I haven’t had any in years!” “So what?” I asked. “Well do you not think it would be nice to at least let me have one piece of popcorn?”  I told you everyone loves popcorn, it’s just something you can’t resist although I’m pretty sure any normal food is hard to resist when you spend your days eating locusts and insects. “Look, what’s your name.” “What’s it to you? Jonders.” I said cheekily. “Fine. Well look here girl! If you don’t give me some popcorn then I’ll I’ll I’ll…” “You’ll what?” I asked. “Look just please can I have some popcorn?” “Yep sure here you go!” Just remember that kids, manners get you things and get you to places!

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