Sophia has lost both her parents within months. With her only companion her boat, Sorin, Sophia embarks on a voyage that will lead her to mystical lands far above your imagination. Will she be able to let go of things that hold her back and let the spirits truly guide her? Will she be able to achieve her dreams and reach her destiny before it's too late. This is an entry for the young movellist of the year so please like/ fav and give me some feedback! :)


2. A chance encounter

I left Sorin moored to one of the rocks at the end of the long pink sandy beach. I followed the swallow and gazed at it in wonder as it circled and soared round the sky. It took me up the beach and through two trees which arched over each other and intertwined. If you have ever seen an arch way of roses at a wedding, then think of this as twice as gorgeous and romantic. Especially considering that as you stepped through the pergola, what you witnessed was a paradise, a tropical rainforest, full of life. Buzzing with excitement and energy, it’s a place that you could never grow tired off, there’s so much to explore so much to do. I should’ve kept my eyes fixed on the swallow floating peacefully above me; you could tell this was its home. But instead I let my eyes wander to what looked like a small cave. It was choked by vines and as I sneaked slowly forward, the heat of the sun was upon me and I could feel the warmth on the back of my neck. It was the sort of occasion that I knew my mum would hate; she would demand that I put on some sun screen before taking another step forward. I began to walk more easily know feeling more ambitious and defiant, as I mentioned before, I’m not fond of rules, if you tell me not to do something it makes me want to do it more. The vines made it impossible to see where the entrance to this giant boulder was, I circled it leaping over rocks and twigs that were blocking my path. The grass was thick here and long. I wondered who had been on the island and made the pathway through the trees. It didn’t take too long for me to find out either. Having circled the whole boulder, I managed to find a small gap in the vines, but not where you might expect to find a doorway into a cave. I had given up hope circling and decided to get on top of the large rounded rock to see if I could see any worn grass and find the entrance that way. I scrambled up a nearby tree, and realised that I actually wasn’t very good at climbing; my arms flailed everywhere as I tried to grip the tree. If you had seen me at that exact moment, you would’ve thought that I was a tree hugger. I was hugging that tree so tight, that you would assume there was a lake full of crocodiles at the bottom, but there wasn’t just one foot or so to the ground.

I dropped down from the tree and bent my knees as I landed; I brushed myself down and prepared myself to try again. This time taking a different approach, by grabbing on to a branch just a few centimetres out of my reach. That didn’t help either; I was left hanging there swinging slightly as I tried to swing my legs up and around the tree. If anyone ever tells you that you evolved from a monkey, they’re lying. I definitely don’t have any monkey traits. Sighing I let my feet touch the ground again. I wasn’t sure how I should approach it this time, then I thought about how I pulled myself out of the water when Sorin threw me off and tried again, this time grabbing a slightly lower branch and heaving my stomach up and over it. If it wasn’t for the fact that you could see my arms, legs and face, you could well have mistaken me for washing hung out by someone living nearby. I lay there motionless, and tried to conjure up the energy needed to heave the rest of me onto the branch. A noise from above surprised me and I did a sommer sault round the branch and landed in a heap of long soft grass. Chuckling to myself but determined to get up there and do it again, I stood up brushed myself off for the second time today and noticed a small hole at the knee of my jeans. I smiled to myself and grinned as I leaped up and pulled myself onto the branch. This time I wasn’t getting distracted and I knew just what I was going to do. I shuffled along to the edge of the branch, it was almost over hanging the rock now, and so I leant over just enough to be able to reach one hand on the rock and the other floating ready to go down and hold my weight in just one moment. I took a deep breath and prepared myself to let go of everything and give this a go. I closed my eyes flipped my legs over the branch and find myself falling on to my two outstretched arms, I grit my teeth as my entire weight is put on my shoulders and then, before I had a chance to realise what was happening, my legs had fallen through a hole in the top of the boulder. I bent my knees and primed myself for the pain I assumed would follow.

There was no pain, and then after a few moments I peered at the inside of the cave through one eye, realising I was safe I opened both eyes and I saw a human, yes an actual human, sat in the corner of the cave. Their face looked alarmed and surprised but also welcoming. I blinked my eyes a few times to check I wasn’t dreaming and then got up from my crouched position on the floor and headed towards him. “Hi, I’m,” “Sophia” The man in the corner finished my sentence, “Yes, I know, I’ve been waiting for you!” “Sorry to burst in like this and all but,” and then I stopped, “Wait, but how do you know my name?” “The birds told me,” he replied and walked over to a sofa made of trees. He motioned me to join him and take a seat. I stood where I was and chuckled, “Lucky guess then!” “I’ll just be off then, how do I get out of this?” “You can’t,” he replied. “Ha-ha, no seriously do I have to like climb up on this and then get out the way I came in, or is there a door somewhere?” “Well if I were you I wouldn’t do that,” He said as I began to get up onto the table in front of the sofa. Mistake, my foot went straight through it.  “Ouch,” I sat down giving up. “Okay so how do I get out of here then?” I slumped back and waited for an answer, “It’s like I said, you can’t escape it, and you can run for thousands of miles if you want to, but what happened to you today won’t go away.”

I still had no idea what he was on about. Yes I had fallen of a tree a few times and picked up a couple of scrapes along the way but they will heal. “Yes, sure.  Of course it won’t! Whatever you say,” I lied, “Now can you please help me get out of here and continue with the rest of my life even though today won’t go away as you say!” He stared at me and gestured upwards. “That’s how you got in, you can leave whenever you want, but you won’t get the chance to hear what I have to say to you.” “Okay well, I’ll have to come back this way in a few days’ time so can we continue this then?” I asked hoping he might believe that I would actually come back and see him. I had already made my way to the middle of the cave and was reaching up to heave myself out. “See, you later then!” and I yanked myself up, or at least attempted to. “You think I’m a fool don’t you Sophia, but sure whatever you say, see you later and remember I’ll know if you don’t stick to your word.” I was trying so hard to yank myself up, and I wasn’t really paying any attention to this strange man. “Umm do you think you’d mind giving us a hand up then?” I asked. “But when I looked around the room the man had gone, it was as though he had just disappeared into thin air.  “Well it would’ve been nice to at least say goodbye!” I huffed and then I dropped my arms down from above my head, pulled the wooden chair we had been sat on only moments ago into the centre of the room and the climbed on it and tried again. This time I managed to lift my body out and onto the vines above. “Goodbye,” I heard someone call from inside. “Next time you can use the door and not the sun roof. Oh and please don’t rearrange my furniture!”

Crazy. I thought to myself as I dived off the rock into the grass below. No wonder he lives in the rainforest all by himself. What a strange sort of person would do that! The swallow I had been following earlier was sat on a nearby branch looking bored. I knew it was the same bird because it had the same inquisitive face and the same gorgeous pattern of feathers. “Hey little one,” I whispered. “We can go now!”

I stumble through the forest, this time keeping my eyes glued to the bird. I was intrigued by the strange plants and flowers that were growing there, but little birdie had become strict and squawked every time it caught my eyes wandering. Then the little bird stopped abruptly and flew as fast as it could towards a tree straight ahead of us. It was then that I saw the second person on this inhabitable island. It was a man again, and I sighed thinking of how stereotypical it was to find men in dangerous situations.  I jogged towards the figure, but the man just stared back at me in horror. He wore a limp blue hat. Beneath the brim of his hat was a face full of crinkles and wrinkles. But in the midst of all those lines, were the most beautiful blue eyes. He was very pale; in fact he was the kind of pale person who should never really be out in the sun. And yet here he was, he did however have the consequences, his neck and hands had grown thick and leathery and he had what appeared to be a complete and also permanent burn. Time and exposure to the elements had leeched the colour out of his thread-bare clothes. He had in his hands, what appeared to be a small turtle, circling its legs through the air, in an attempt to get away. When he put it safely down on the sandy path beneath our feet, the creature trundled off down the shore and joined others who were basking in the hot sunlight on the warm pink sand.

“You can’t be here!” the white-haired man said after a long pause. “You’ll have to find your own beach.” I stood motionless and he waved a hand at me, “Go on, off you go.” “But, but I...”  “But what?” The man interrupted me. “But I’ve been called her by the spirits, the bird it lead me here. “That wretched old bird don’t know anything about spirits!” He said. “I wouldn’t believe anything he says.” “What! He talks!” “Yeah sure he does. Cisco’s a right chatter box when you get to know him. Very annoying if you ask me.” “But, but wh…” “Yes, what is it now child, “But, why has he never spoken to me.” I asked looking utterly dumbfounded. “Well you will have to consider that on your way back where you came from, now go!” I was slightly taken aback by this, but I thought I’d better make sure he was serious, “You mean you can’t…” “No I can’t help you,” He snatched in reply. “I can’t, I can’t I can’t” “But ple…” “NO!” The man said before I could even begin to ask him my question. “But I don’t want any help!” I shouted, hoping it might get his attention. It did, and then I continued, “I’m just looking for my destiny.” “Well there aint no destiny to be found here, now on your way child.” In a moment of desperation to get past the man and find my bird, “Cisco” as the man had called him, I asked, “But what about the turtles.” “Want about them?” he sighed huffily. “I want to know more about them,” I said and the man’s eyes suddenly perked up and showed signs of interest. “Jonders” he said eyeing me with intrigue “Jonders turtles. You won’t have heard of them yet, no-one has. I am Dr Jonders; I’m the one who discovered them, here on this island. I’m the only one living here you see.”

“Well that’s not strictly true!” I chuckled, “What about that other guy who lives in that rock boulder thing?” “What rock boulder thing?” He asked sounding genuinely intrigued. “Yes, just up that path,” I pointed back to where I came from. “Trust me there’s no one else here! Kiddo! Sounds just as made up to me as your little destiny story.” And then he turned and took a step forwards. “Wait!” I screeched. He put both fingers in his ears turned around to stare at me again. “Please don’t do that to me again. I don’t think my nerves could stand it! You may be young but us old fellas we have got to fight to keep fit and healthy. Now what was it that you so desperately had to tell me?” “I’m not making it up! I promise, I saw him I swear!” “Yes, yes, just like you saw the fairies fluttering around in the tree tops! And have somehow come to the delusion that you have some sort of destiny to find here!” He turned around to go again. And I automatically squeaked again, “NOOO! Don’t go.” “Now I thought I told you not to do that again!” Dr Jonders said angrily. “If you’re so set on this idea, then why don’t you show me your little lair of pixies? And stop screaming in my ear!”

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