Famous Problems

(sequel to "Jealousy") Belle Hinton, a seventeen year old girl, has tough times because her friends and family keep slowly disappearing. First her worst enemy at school, and now the people who mean the most to her. She met the boys when Niall (her cousin) introduced her to them. Since then, the boys have taken her into their hands. Belle is slowly becoming more famous and the tour goes on. And thats whn it starts happening. "Famous Problems"



So here are the finalists and you guys will vote for either number 1, number 2, or number 3!

#1 Kristy

i would love to be Liams gf, because i have never had a character based on me and i have always been really intrigued on how someone would make me as a charcter. if that makes any sense .i would love it because im a pretty dedicated fan of yours i always check my updates hoping to see one. im a pretty funny spontaneous, bubbly personality and have a really outgoing personality and believe it would be great to create as a character in a story, something different, unique, special, eye catching.
My name is Kristy, im 16 in 3 weeks :D
I have long dark brown curly hair (my teacher tried telling me it was black but im like ah sir, i'm pretty sure i know what color MY HAIR is haha idiot! :P joks) which is just down my should blades,its similar to Danielle Peazer but with natural golden brown highlights and red blended with brown. (used to be down to my ass but it got annoying and i would end up panting from brushing it cause it took so long and tangled so easy. I have big hazel eyes. I mean when I was 12 my friends brother called me bugsy ( the guinea pig off bed time stories) but thankfully i grew into them and they aren't as big now hahaha awkies for me... being called a weird looking guinea pig, height ah.... 150-160cm??? maybe idk i don't measure myself i mean youd look pretty retarded doing it just chilling trying to read the measuring tape, although you could just mark it. but being the cluts i am i would mess up the height. Personality im out there, i can be the biggest cluts sometimes. like its ridiculous one time i was waitressing at a wedding and SPILT BERRY JUICE. BERRY JUICE IT FREAKING STAINS all over the table cloth in front of the best man :/ yeah awkward especially when the hundreds of guests could have seen it. I am also a really caring person my best friend might have trouble with something and she always calls me first out of my group of 8 friends and tells me everything and I never tell anyone about it :) 
anyway enough babbling about me. if you pick me it would mean the absolute world to me i would probs scream jump around and tell my friends that go on here.. yeah im a tad crazy ;)
I hope you have a great day. good luck picking a winner. :D

#2 Chaselynn

Hi this is my entry for your contest that you posted on Famous Problems for your next story. So I hope you look into picking me!(:
-What part do you wan to be?
•I would love to be Liam's girlfriend(:
-Why do you want the part? 
• Well I really do love Liam and my dream boyfriend(s) would have to be either Liam or Niall. Also I would love to get this part because who wouldn't honestly? Lol...But i do think we would be compatible, cause I love a lot of things he does like I love Disney movies especially Toy Stories! I'm pretty mature in serious situations but I'm also like a little kid. Like I would also do a twit cam just to show people my flashing toothbrush if I had one!...uhh I don't know what else to say...if you need more reasons just tell me(:
•Well I'm 5 foot 3 1/3 inches tall, I have shoulder length al Lil bit past shoulder length hair that is blonde with brunette highlights. It's naturally curly but no that pretty to me...But I usually straighten it. I have bright bright bright ocean blue eyes, I have a very light tan. Umm I hope that's enough for you but if you need more tell me(:
•well I can be shy if I find you attractive but if you let me get comfortable I'm all Hyper,cheeky, crazy. Um I don't take hate or drama real well, I let things get to me easily. But if you hurt one of my friends or family or make them cry I will not tolerate it I will blow up (not really lol) I am a rebel I love adventure and yeah...I think that's all idk how else to describe my personality..like I can be shy but I'm real cheeky. I'm mature and immature at the same time..
•I'm 14 almost 15 but you can change my age.
Unique things about me- 
•I have an Uncommon name, it's Chaselynn pronounced chase-lyn
•I auditioned for XFactor USA but the told me no because of my grades in school so I didn't get to audition for Simon :/
•I can rewrite bad songs an make them good
• I was suppose to be a model but we couldn't afford to make an portfolio
•I'm gonna go to the university of London for performing arts for college.
• I'm very wise I've had people 16-18 to come to me for advise.
•I auditioned for CeCe on shake it up on Disney channel.
•video games
•rewriting songs
I hope this is enough for you! ^~^ like I said if you need more info please tell me!
Also I was interested in being a co-author? I have a fanfic called Stuck in The Middle with Almost 2K views, but I kinda think I'm a terrible writer but ill let you decide on that! My username is ChasingTomlinson 
(Because I wish to become of of Louis friends when I grow up but I fancy Niall and Liam the most..so yea. FYI I am American so that's why I put soccer/football because I did not know if you we're American or what...
But anyways thanks!(:

#3 Nikki (Unique-Leigh)

hello! My name is Nikki and I want to enter your contest!;) I would like to enter because I live your movellas and I think you're a great write and I would just love to be a part of one!
Soo here's a bit about me
I'm sixteen , short(5,3)  with long wavy dirty blonde hair, I have pale skin and freckles including one on the tip of my nose:)
My personality is that I'm very shy, I tell lame jokes (yet I think they're hilarious!)  and I am in love with Spider-Man.:)
I play baseball basketball and track , and I love to write poetry,
I've never had my first kiss and I wish I did but guys where I live are douches,
I hate swearing and I think abs are weird, LOL nobody wants to cuddle with a bumpy hard tummy!:)
When people get to know me I'm very crazy:) I'm from south Cali and I burn very easy In the sun
Btw since I said I tell lame jokes here's my favourite:
What does the pig in the desert say
A: man, I'm bacon out here!
LOL? Get it?
I'm hilarious
Anyways if you want to know more message me back and I'd really appreciate if you chose me:)


Vote in the comments for who you want to be in the next story!

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