Famous Problems

(sequel to "Jealousy") Belle Hinton, a seventeen year old girl, has tough times because her friends and family keep slowly disappearing. First her worst enemy at school, and now the people who mean the most to her. She met the boys when Niall (her cousin) introduced her to them. Since then, the boys have taken her into their hands. Belle is slowly becoming more famous and the tour goes on. And thats whn it starts happening. "Famous Problems"


17. Question Time!


After the concert, Sydney and I went backstage. Right as we walked through the backstage door, the boys were standing there, waiting for us. I went over and gave Zayn a huge hug, not wanting to let go. Ive never been this happy. I let go, thinking that its probably getting awkward. I looked back at Sydney was shyly standing there. I looked at her and then looked at Niall, telling her to go hug him. She say that Niall saw what I was doing, and they both took my advise and hugged each other. It was a cute hug. Sydney had to stand on her tippy toes, in order to hug him. I sighed happily, because of what i was seeing.

"Dinner anyone?" Zayn asked.

"Well seeing that its midnight, its not really dinner... But sure!" I said happily. As you've probably noticed, ive said 'happily' and 'happy' a lot. Thats when you know that im REALLY happy.

We walked out of the stadium, sneakily, so we could get to dinner fast. We snuck behind cars, and through alleyways, to get to the bus. We got in sight of the bus and saw that there was no way of getting to it. Why? Because there was a sworm of screaming girls and paparazzi surrounding it. 


"Ill go out there and distract them while you guys sneak inside the bus. Okay?" I offered

"No. Its fine mate. Ill go with you!" Lou said.

The rest of the boys also wanted to come. I looked at the girls who looked weird. 

"Could we come too? I haven't been in a situation like this before. It seems like fun." Sydney said, and Belle nodded along.

I smiled and we all stood up and went into the crowd. Belle and I were holding hands, and i looked over at Niall and Sydney, who were walking by each other, but looked awkward. I think i have a plan. But later. Right now, were gonna be asked some tough questions.. We finally got over to the crowd, and all of the girls were still looking at screaming at the bus.

"Hay! Hay! What did the bus ever do to you?" I asked. They all got quiet and turned around. And then the noise picked back up. The paparazzi came rushing over. I love my fans. Maybe if they will co-operate, then We can talk to them and they can ask questions. I told the boys my ideas and counted down from three. Once we reached one, we all started to shout.

"QUIET!" Everyone was quiet and still in an instant. The boys smiled at me, obviously surprised that it worked.

"Now.. Would you guys like to talk to us and ask questions?" The noise picked up again and the boys and I started to yell again. It got quiet once again. "Okay. Everyone sit down on the floor. And we can have some talk time. And can i ask the paparazzi to go behind all of these ladies?" Some of them did as they were told. All of the girls sat down, but only some of the paparazzi went in the back of the group. I don't get why they wouldn't just go in the back. There were maybe only twenty girls here. Its not like they will barely be able to see us. I asked the paparazzi that weren't going in the back, to leave, and just as i told them, they moved to the back of the group.

"Okay. So.. Does anyone have any questions?" Harry asked.

Almost everyone raised their hands.

"Yes. Whats your name sweetie?" Liam said.

The girl that he called on, had short blonde hair that was curled. 

"Hi. Im Amanda." She looked as if she was about to fall apart. She could barely even talk. "I was wondering if you guys were writing any new songs at the moment."

"We are. Or.. I am." Niall said a chuckled a little. "Its almost finished and will probably be in our next album."

The questions went on and on. They were all boring questions. Ones like, "How do you like Florida" and "Where is your next concert". We got to our last questions, who came from this girl in a light pink leather jacket and a dark grey top. She had dark brown hair and her bangs were pulled to the side. She reminded me a lot of Belle. That is something she would wear. 

"How long have you been planning to propose to your girlfriend?" She asked me." And how long have you been waiting to ask out her?" She directed to Niall.

Niall nodded to me, signaling me to go first,

"Well... Ive had the ring for about a month. And the truth is.. That's not even the ring. That's a promise ring. Belle is only seventeen, and isn't allowed to get married yet." Belle looked at me realizing that she was too young for marriage. "But luckily, her birthday is only a couple weeks away, and i think she knows what shes getting for her birthday." I looked at her and smiled. I looked over to Niall and he started to talk.

"Ever since i met Sydney, i've wanted to spend more time with her. She recently got a record deal, and i thought it was about time to ask her out, because once she is signed, she will be going on tour with us. And thats how ill get to spend more time with her." I looked at Niall, who looked like he was pretty proud of his little speech. 

"Well.. We are all starving, so we better go. Hope to see you guys at another concert!" The started to scream again, and mob us as we got on the bus. 


I guess i didn't realize that it was a promise ring. I mean, im fine with it being a promise ring, but if this is the promise ring, then i don't think my finger will be able to hold up the real ring! I looked at Zayns hand, and saw that his promise ring, was a gold band with some diamonds here and there. I took mine off and looked at it. On the inside, was engraved his name. Im sure his said my name as well. I looked up and saw that Sydney was sitting by Zayn and I was sitting by Niall.. I guess we better swip-swop! I whispered to Niall. "Stop making it so awkward for you two." And then i got up and told Sydney to go sit by Niall. I took her old place and made myself comfortable. I was snuggled up next to Zayn. It was dark on the bus. I dont know why we didn't turn on the lights, but we were almost to the place that we were eating at, so whats the point. I looked over to the couch opposite of us, trying to see what was going on over there. Sydney was snuggled up to Niall, just as i was to Zayn. I looked further down the other couch, only to see Harry and Louis mocking us. They were snuggled up next to each other and Liam was snuggling up on the other side on Zyan. I laughed.

"So, How did you think we did tonight buys?" Zayn asked, obviously seeing what i was seeing.

"I think we did great. I mean, dont we every night?" We all nodded in agreement.

"Here we are!" The bus driver said enthusiastically.

We all got up, and walked outside of the bus, only to see the same group of paparazzi that was outside the bus. We walked indies, not saying anything. 

"Reservation for Malik."

"Right this way." 

This was a nice place. A place where you could dance and drink, and another area where you can have a sophisticated dinner with no interruptions. We all sat down. It was a circular booth, so no one had a lot of elbow room. But that didn't bother me.

"Can i start you off with any drinks this evening?"

After dinner, which was delicious, it was about two in the morning. We all got on the bus and went straight to bed. Sydney usually doesn't sleep on the bus, but we offered it to her. So she slept on the couch and I slept on the couch opposite of her. 

"Did you have a fun night?" I asked, kinda knowing her answer.

"I had a great night. I haven't been out in a long time. It was nice."

Everyone was tired, and in the next five minutes, the whole bus was quiet. Everyone was asleep, but me. I was tired, but i couldn't fall asleep. I got up and got some chips and a drink.


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