Famous Problems

(sequel to "Jealousy") Belle Hinton, a seventeen year old girl, has tough times because her friends and family keep slowly disappearing. First her worst enemy at school, and now the people who mean the most to her. She met the boys when Niall (her cousin) introduced her to them. Since then, the boys have taken her into their hands. Belle is slowly becoming more famous and the tour goes on. And thats whn it starts happening. "Famous Problems"


1. On the Road


Once we got all of my stuff onto the tour bus, we were off. I took a deep breath and sat down.

"Soooo... Where are we going?"

"We are driving to LA for a talk show before we start our tour Monday night." Harry said.

"Driving?! But how are you guys gonna make it to your show in time? It takes a little more than two days to get to California, and its saturday!"

"I dont know how we do it either. But we do!" Louis said cheerfully.

*a couple hours later*

"Okay.. Whos turn is it to go and get the food?" Zayn asked.

"Ill go get the food. Your guys are such lazy bums." I said lazily. I walked into the McDonalds, with a piece of paper with everyones orders on it. Right as i stepped into the door, there were fans everywhere! I quickly ordered my food and started to walk back to the bus. On my way back, i got pushed and shoved and poked. Zayn came out and helped me because he obviously saw that i was having some troubles.. We trudged through the crowd. My ear drums ringing from the screams, my eyes burning  from the flashes, looks like ill have to get used to this...

We finally got back onto the bus. 

"I. Am. Never. Volunteering. For. That. Again." I said as i handed over the mushed McDonalds bag. I sat on the couch. Zayn came over and put his arm around my shoulder.

"Do you not like this 'Fame' stuff?"

"Well.. Im willing to put up with it if it means i can stay with you guys." I said with a smile. That smile sure did tell him that i was telling the truth.

"Well, if they start to annoy you or hurt you, then just come to me. Okay?"

I nodded my head. I went to the fridge to get a pop. I sat down to watch a movie with the boys, and soon i was passed out. I was so tired. 

"Belle. Wake up." A voice said

I heard the voice, but i decided to just keep sleeping. I felt someone pick me up. I peeked out of the corner of my eye and it was Zayn. That little gentlemen! I kept my eye slightly peeked open, so i could see where i was going. He walked me to the back of the bus where there were bunk beds indented into the wall. He layed me down on the bottom one, and he laid on the bed directly across from mine, so we could see each other. I love him..


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